9 Tips to Stop your Cat from Biting

Cats are always lovely to us and that can be easily assumed by the popularity of cats as pet. Many of us reading this article have a cat at home and we really love them. But the fact is that sometimes these animals start growing some awkward and bad habits. These are actually not good and we have to take the responsibility to recover that. One of the major problems in pet cats is that they grow a habit of biting at a certain age. But this is actually something very abnormal. But there is nothing to get confused about the matter. There are some ways by which you can get your cat rid of these habits. Let’s have a look into some tips that are really helpful.

Tips to Stop your Cat from Biting:

Reason: First of all your duty is to find out the reason why your cat is biting. There can be various ways for which they develop this habit. Some of the major causes are frustration, boredom, over excited during play or even when they are saying you something and you don’t listen to them. So once you get the real point and then you can proceed further.

9 Tips to Stop your Cat Biting 1

Messing your Hand with Toy: Cats are normally very excited animal. When they start playing with something and they really enjoy it, they will forget everything else in the world. So be careful that you shouldn’t use your hand as a toy with your cat. Instead of that, you should use a toy that keeps your hand a safe distance from his mouth.

9 Tips to Stop your Cat Biting 2

Stop the Play: If you really think that the cat goes after you during the play, it is happening something more than just incidental. As soon as he or she bites, turn your back towards them. Don’t speak to them and resume the play for some minutes. After the repetition of the same matter, he will get the real message.

9 Tips to Stop your Cat Biting 3

Time out: If the previous tips don’t work in the case, it’s time to give some stronger message. When they bites you, stop the play, pick up and bring them to another room and walk away soon. This will directly help them to make a clear connection between biting and the ending of playtime.

9 Tips to Stop your Cat Biting 4

Drain the energy: If you now notice that your cat is attacking you outside of play then be sure that your cat needs to drain some energy. So your first duty is to make them tired. Play with them until you see they are fully tired. If you see that they don’t response to other toys, a laser pointer is a good option for cats. It will keep them engaged for many hours.

9 Tips to Stop your Cat Biting 5

Relieve the anxiety: You should know that cats often transfer the aggression they feel towards something else to someone next to them. This can result into unprovoked attacks. So your duty is to relieve their anxiety as you know cats are very anxious in nature.

9 Tips to Stop your Cat Biting 6

Consult with your Vet: If you are feeling serious problems about the matter, now your next responsibility is to
talk to your vet so that they can prescribe some food or medication to help calm your cat’s nerves. There are some cat foods which helps cat’s stay relaxed for a long time. But never use it on your own as you don’t have the proper idea of a diet.

9 Tips to Stop your Cat Biting 7

Proper Handling: Some people have a habit to reach over the cat to pet him. This may be acceptable to some cats but some cats definitely unlike this thing. So you should have to know that your cat likes the behavior you do with them or not. In such case they will start biting you.

9 Tips to Stop your Cat Biting 8

Respect their Wishes: You should learn to recognize the attitude when your cat doesn’t wants to be handled. And do respect their wishes. Let them think that you get the message very easily so that they will not have to bite you in general to make you understand that they do not like it.

9 Tips to Stop your Cat Biting 9

Probably all the steps written above will really work with your cat and we are sure that it will help you a lot to get rid of this bad habit. Actually these steps work with almost all the cats and it will also work with your cat but it may be an exception. So in such case you will have to talk seriously with your vet.