How To Use Of Waste Cardboard For Cats?

The cat may seem like an independent creature, but they absolutely love being in cardboard. So if you love your kitty(s), you can find a variety of ways to use cardboards for them. While you think that they are just for napping, there is more than this.

Cardboard boxes are a great play area for cats. They have borders and enough space that their ball can bounce like pinball machines. According to zero waste living blogger Antonia, reusing cardboard boxes for cats is just the first stage of recycling. Once cats are done, you can put leftovers to further use. You can decorate the cardboard according the personality of your cat and get your cat its own personalised play area. It may be your first time with your feline chum but with these 10 signs for Understanding Cat Body Language will make you a master at handling the cat.


How To Use Of Waste Cardboard For Cats?

• Use of Waste cardboard for Cats to have a sleeping party with other kitties:

How about playing ‘How many cats can you put inside in a single cardboard box?’ You may think that the cats will uncomfortable, but they don’t care about that as long as they are all going to pile in so how about having a cozy sleeping party. Don’t forget to capture the moments.

• Use of Waste cardboard for Cats like a ladder:

You can use an unopened cardboard box, put it upside down or on the side and create a launching surface for them to reach for their favorite things. Like a stick of butter or something.

• Use of Waste cardboard for Cats as a place to sit on:

Many cats love when they sit on an elevated surface, this kind of give them a royal feel. Make them stand on a cardboard box if you want to try it out. Put on a cardboard box for your cat and make them feel like an athlete.

• Use of Waste cardboard for Cats for creating a house:

One of the best ways to create cat dwellings is by cardboard, which often looks quite stylish. And it is easy to create as well; all you need is cardboard, cutter, glue, and decorating materials.

• Use of Waste cardboard for Cats as bookshelves and house:

Cats usually seem to love bookshelves, so you can may your bookshelves fitted for cats. Several bookshelves are created in the form of the staircase for the cat like a place for them to hang out./
• Use of Waste cardboard for Cats as a place for hiding:

Cats enjoy playing hideaways. An empty cardboard box is one of the best hideaway places. You can also create a half lid for them to over the cardboard in order to create extra fun. If you think of making an indoor cat house which will give them a great comfort and if they like it, you are really lucky.

How to make a cat house using cardboards

For making a cat house out of cardboard, you will need the following items:
– At least 3 cardboard items
– Pen
– Box cutter
– Glue
– Paint

Step 1: Lay the cardboard boxes flat on the floor next to each other. Don’t put them in box shapes just yet.

Step 2: using a marker or pen draw out windows and doors of the house. You can shape. However, you like. Make sure that the doors are large enough for the cat to get in and out. Make the door on each story of the boxes so that the cat can exit on the ground.

Step 3: using box cutters cut out the boxes and windows.

Step 4: once you are done with the cutting, put the cardboard in the form of actual boxes. Next glue the flaps together to provide additional support.

Step 5: Make a hole for your cat to pass between the stories.

Step 6: Once you are done with that it is time to put the castle together. Glue together the bottom and top of the castle. Ensure that there are holes for passing.

Step 7: After putting the castle, it is time to create the roof. Use the cardboard and cut off the top and bottom wave. Then, draw the design on the box’s sides.

Step 8: Cut out the design and put it on top of the castle and glue it.