13 Most Common Causes of Sudden Death in Rabbits

Unlike many animals that are braver than they look, the rabbit is a soft and gentle animal that needs to be treated as such.

You need to ensure that you have a firm control in the situation in which you are keeping your rabbit to ensure that they feel safe and cared for.

While it can be very amusing to look at adorable pictures of a house full of pets, this may not work out very well for rabbits as they are more likely to react with fear than any other emotion.

Fly Attack:

Rabbits are mostly attacked by flies. Actually when rabbits excrete sometimes their bottom remains dirty.

This is the main cause of the attack. The flies sit there and lay eggs. And this becomes very serious condition as your rabbit will catch infection inside their body and it will be eaten by the flies. So always be careful in keeping your rabbit very clean.

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Poop may seem like an odd thing to discuss when it comes to rabbits and their safety, but it is important.

The thing is many animals like cats are very meticulous about their cleanliness but rabbits are not. Which means their nether regions can become dirty when they excrete and attract a lot of flies.

This can cause them to have infections and cause the death of the rabbit. If you are an animal lover, who likes to have an assortment of animals around the house, then you might as well learn about animals’ weird eating habits and pooping facts

Indoor rabbit:

If you bring your rabbit from any pet store then you have to be sure that your pet is an indoor one.

Because most of the pet store keeps their rabbit inside a cage to protect them from heat and other animals.

During this time they get adapted to the indoor atmosphere. Now after you bring them at your home if you let them free they may even die to the outdoor atmosphere and heat.

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When you are the pet store getting your pet rabbit, then it is better to check how the rabbit has been bred and reared.

While the rabbit forms the very essence of fluffy and cute animal pictures, you will need to ensure that they stay that way. Ensure that the rabbit is kept well-exercised and protected in a nice cage that allows for movement as well as safety.

Rabbit Pregnancy:

Female Rabbits give birth to 8-14 litters at a time.

This isn’t very amazing but the amazing thing is that like humans’ rabbits can also be aborted. But in some cases due to the re-absorption of fetus rabbits can die during the abortion.

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There are a lot of sayings that talks about breeding like rabbits because rabbits have the capacity to give birth to more than 10 babies at a time.

However, the way this affects their fatality is their ability to have abortion much like humans.

This can cause complications when the dissolved fetuses not expelled from the body of the rabbit in question. You can do well to learn about little-known facts about pet rabbit behaviors and language to be able to take care of your pet well.

Be Careful About Age:

Some sellers or pet shop sells rabbits that are very old. Actually, it is very tough to identify the age of a rabbit.

Rabbits stop growing after 18 months. And they have the same size till last of their life. So if you bring an old rabbit it may die within few days. You should be always careful about the age of the rabbit before buying it.

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While old age and mortality are naturally linked together, rabbits do not show their age at all and it is very likely that you may end up picking out one that is pretty old from the pet shop itself. This, unfortunately, means that you will become attached to a pet that is already old and may die soon.

Poor Health Condition:

It is always recommended that a rabbit should be always taken to a veterinarian regularly for health check-ups.

But the sellers don’t do so due to expense in medicines and health check-ups. So they remain unaware of the health condition of the rabbit.

So they sell a rabbit even with a poor health condition. And it dies after some days or weeks. So while buying a rabbit you should remain aware of the health condition.

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Many pet store owners are not very particular about the kind of care they provide to the rabbits they keep in the store.

This means that you may end up with a bunny that is not in good health condition causing it to die very soon.

Ensure that you are very meticulous about having your bunny checked regularly at the vet. You can get some valuable tips from this article about dwarf rabbits and teacup bunnies

Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (VHD):

It is a highly contagious disease in rabbits caused by the Calicivirus. the common symptoms are a loss of appetite, lethargy, high fever and sudden death. So be careful before you notice some of these symptoms and rush to the veterinarian immediately.

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The rabbit is susceptible to this disease and can be affected very easily as it spreads with ease. Be on the lookout for unusually quiet and lethargic behavior and consult the vet to keep your rabbit in good condition.

What not to Feed Rabbits

Foods which are very tasty for us may be sometimes really toxic for the rabbits. Foods which contains theobromine is really dangerous for them. Chocolates also increase the heart rate. Also keep them away from Xylitol.

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Many of us think nothing of feeding bits and pieces from our own plates to our pets. It is often thought of as a way of showing affection.

But with rabbits, you may be causing its ill-health or even death and it is best to avoid this.

There are many chemicals and components in our foods that the rabbit’s digestive system is just not used to which can harm them.

Veterinary Medications:

Sometimes death is caused in rabbits because of wrong dose of medication. Always be careful about the dosage as prescribed by the Vets. Also, check out the details on the internet.

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While regular checkups and proper medication are very important, it is also important not to overdo it.

We suggest that you check dosages properly and do some additional research online before giving medication to your rabbit. we also want to caution you to prevent yourself from creating photo opportunities for cute pictures of animals stuffing food into their mouth in relation to your bunny as it can cause more harm than good most times.

These could be the reason for Rabbit Died Suddenly with Eyes Open.We have given you some food for thought on the causes of sudden death in rabbits and hope that you will work at ensuring that you eliminate as many causes as possible.