Guidelines of How to Raise a Perfect Dog

All over the world, there are thousands and millions of people those who wish to raise a puppy in their home. It’s really a good idea but frankly saying, if you don’t know how to raise a dog, it will be a mess in your life. But you all can do it with some important guidelines of how to raise a perfect dog. This is the only word we can say because if you go through the right steps of raising a dog, you will be getting a very beautiful family friend. Actually all the things starts from the early stages, first few years are the time when you will lay the foundation. So getting a well balanced dog with proper social behaviors needs a great training and you can do that easily by following these steps from time to time. Don’t be afraid like others, as some people really get’s afraid when they listen to the word ‘training’. It’s the best time you can spend with your dog and if you can train well, your dog will also like that. Here are some guidelines you should follow to raise a perfect dog.

Guidelines of How to Raise a Perfect Dog:

1. Give your Puppy Some Time: Most of the people bring a dog at home and then forgets about giving proper time to them. Just think if you don’t give time to any of your family member, how will they react? Dogs will also do the same, just because they think themselves as a part of your family, despite of what you are thinking. According to the veterinarians, puppies should not be separated from their mother until the age of eight weeks. During this period, your puppy will need love, care, food and affection from their mother. They also learn a lot of things at this time. They will start recognizing different peoples and how to behave with them. These lessons actually continue for the whole life.


2. Welcome your Puppy Home: The first few days after coming to a new place, they will start getting adapted to the environment and as a result, it will be a lot of fun. The puppy will know each other of the family. But apart from that, your puppy will start learning what to do and what not to do. Maybe you will even not realize that but they are doing it on their own. So give them love, care for them a lot, give them proper foods which they needs for development and keep them in a proper routine.


3. Get a Crate: Crate is like a puppy’s own home. It is where they will get the most security and stay in comfort. Puppies, in their young age create a lot of mess around the house unknowingly. But the crate will help you to solve the problem. But remember that puppies younger than six months old, should not be kept in crate from more than two or three hours a day. But during the night, it’s better to keep them in a crate. Tyr to make them friendly with the crate so that they feel comfortable inside it.


4. Potty Train your Pooch: Potty training is very necessary for each and every puppy. From their early stages, you should start the training procedure. Make them understand that you are not happy with their poop anywhere in the home. Try to command them and make them learn that there should be particular place where they will release themselves. It is for sure that your puppy will always try to please you with their jobs but they needs some time to understand everything. They can’t process any information as we humans do. So it needs some time.


5. Teach them to be Social: You should know that the first 16 weeks in the life of a dog is very crucial. This is the period when they learn everything. So you should always take the chance of this crucial time to make your puppy more and more social with the people and other animals around them. If you can keep them around your guests and if they start seeing different people around them, automatically they will start growing their mindset in that way.


6. Teach them not to be over protective: Some puppies become very territorial or overprotective about their food bowls, toys and even people. This is known as guarding behavior. You should obviously work on this to get rid of this bad habit in your dog. If you leave it unnoticed, it will result into a very bad habit. Try to teach them for association with other family members. Also, beware your children not to take the toys or any other things from the puppy as it may lead to a dangerous situation.


7. Teach your Puppy not to Bite: It is one of the most important lessons that you should take into consider. During the early days, every puppy almost grows a habit of biting everything. You should encourage them by various ways to stop biting. Whenever you see your puppy biting something, just give a simple command ‘No’ and then hold their mouth closed for a minute. Do this repeatedly whenever you notice them biting something. This way they will stop growing this bad habit in them.

8. Provide exercises: Exercising your dog is very necessary to keep them fit and healthy. In addition, exercises help the development of a young one. The bored and frustrated dogs are the one that gets engaged in various inappropriate jobs and they will also show unnecessary aggressiveness. So take them for a regular exercise.


Lastly, your focus should be to teach your dog that this is his only home. So they will have to obey the rules and regulations of the home. If you are successful in making them learn about this very simple thing, you will find that your dog as one of the best. It’s not impossible to make your dog learn all these things. So it’s your time to start.