How to Train your Cat to Sit on Command

It’s very common that you will get various articles on training your pets and that is mostly related to the dogs. Actually, training a dog is much easier and so you will be getting more articles on the topic. But it’s really hard to find any article that is related to cat training. That’s only because you can train a dog but not a cat. In case of cats you will have to persuade them. Yes that means you can only induce your cat to do something according to your wish. Most of the time you will see, that, cats will join you in any playing activity and that’s because cats love games. They will really enjoy the session if only they love it. You can’t force them up. The fact is that cats love to be charmed and it can be at play time or any other time. So you will have to be proficient in the art of cat charming and if you can really achieve that it’s good for your relation.

In this article, you already know that we will be talking about how to train your cat to sit on your command. But you now know that this is nothing about commanding them or training them about the matter. So you will have to make them understand the meaning of your command. But for that you will have to understand the cat psychology at first. So for that, start learning more and more. Cat psychology is very tough than of the dogs. So to train your cat you will have to know what motivates him and makes him interested in you. The better you understand the psychology, the easier will be the task for you. But we want to say you all that if you are really a cat lover, you can do this very easily and also within a short period of time. So to understand your own cat, you will have to spend a lot of time with him. Most cats will develop a good bonding with people who are very nice to them.

Train your Cat to Sit on Command 1

So before you start the training process, keep in mind that you will have to create a training environment. First of all you should know the foods your cat really loves. Arrange for the treat and create an environment with the help of that. Make your cat wait for the treat and use that patience for your training. In fact you will have to make them know that they will only get the food when they listen to you. So slowly start understanding them the game you are playing with him. So now let’s move to the training procedure and steps.

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How to Train your Cat to Sit on Command

1. Remove all Disturbances: When you are training your cat you should keep in mind that nothing should disturb it. There may be disturbances like other animals and children so just remove them at this time.

2. Get the Cat’s Attention: Start by grabbing the attention of your cat and for that give them a piece of chicken and make them clear that you have more in your hand. Never allow your cat to snatch the rest chickens from your hand. If they even try for it, tell them this is not a good habit.

3. Tell your cat to sit, but don’t mean it: Tell the cat to sit for the first time, directly, firmly and clearly. But remember not to be aggressive. Of course at the first time your cat will not know what you are telling them. But for sure this will make them sure that you are telling them something and they have to understand that. So use short command like ‘Sit’. Repeat it again after few seconds. Go on repeating the step for few times randomly giving treats. This is only for keeping them interested. But this will also create a positive association in his mind.

Train your Cat to Sit on Command 4

4. Tell your cat to sit, and mean it: Draw your cat’s attention towards your hand by holding a chicken and tell the cat to sit. Raise the hand upwards so his head lifts and push the rear end downwards for the sitting position. It will obviously work but don’t be forceful to them. Apply gentle pressure for a couple of seconds and then stop. Do this for a few times and will notice that he started expecting and resists a little less. The moment you feel him resisting less, you should click and reward the behavior and proceed to the next step.

5. Tell the cat to sit and expect him to sit: Tell the cat to sit and don’t touch him. If he sits then you are lucky enough but that isn’t likely for the first time. If he doesn’t do it, raise the treat hand and gently push his rear end down. But don’t give him a treat unless he goes into a more or less sitting position. But this time not getting the click will make him understand that he has to do something to make you click. This time he will be trying to figure out that. So go on repeating the same with him.

6. Remove the treat and then the Click: When you see that the previous step has been achieved then it’s time for you to remove the treat and the click. Gradually start reducing the number of treat and finally stop it. In case of click you can directly stop it at once.

Train your Cat to Sit on Command 5

So congrats, and you are successful in making your cat sit by your command. So there is nothing more you have to do. Spend a good time with your cat.