10 Examples of Small Size Pets for Apartment Holder: Except Cat and Dog

Although cats and dogs are the most popular pet options for apartment life, other pets are not much far behind. You can get many adorable tiny options that can fit into your family. Today we are going to give you ideas about 10 such cute examples of small size pets which you can easily bring into your home. Whether you want a fur ball or a fin having member, there are plenty options for you. So let’s go through the list and give yourself a clean chance to decide which small size pet you want in your family.

Small Size Pets for Apartment Holder:

1. Hamsters: Remember that funny little character named Rhino from the movie Bolt (2008)? Yes, my friend, we are talking about hamsters. They are cute, furry and adorable. They are very ‘easy to keep’ as pets so they appeal to most of the pet keepers. There are generally two breeds (Syrian hamster and Robovorvski dwarf hamsters) which are most common as pets.


2. Rabbits: One more cute companion. If your child is above 8 years and if you want a pet whose food habit is hassle free then rabbit is the best option for you. They live on commercial rabbit pellets, vegetables and fresh water. But ensure you give them plenty of exercises be it indoor or outdoor.

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3. Parrots: The third pick in our small pet’s list is a winged friend. the colorful parrot. They need a lot of open space for a healthy living. Choose from a wide variety of size, length and color. They can be of various enchanting colors starting from red to grey. And how can we forget of their mimicking ability! This intelligent
baby can one day surprise you by singing your favorite song.


4. Ferrets: Ferrets are loving, playful and entertaining if well handled and socialized and they are also great with children. You can cage them when you go outside but make them free for at least three to four hours a day and render attention to them s that they don’t get into any trouble. They need regular nail-trimming and tooth brushing.


5. Turtles: If you want an aquarium pet other than fish and if your budget is low then turtle is the best small pet for your apartment. You can offer them anything from insects, earthworms, fruits and vegetables to commercial turtle food depending on the breed. There are breeds which are really tiny when you buy them but they will grow pretty larger in size and they are active and strong enough to move your home furniture around. So if you have space crunch in your apartment, these sorts of breeds are a no, no for you.


6. Chinchillas: If you are fond of velvet hand bags then simply bring this baby to your home. Chinchillas are so furry and velvety that you will feel like you are holding a ball of velvet in your hands. Keep your pet in a wire cage with a solid floor. They are easy to maintain and easy to feed also and has no remarkable cons.


7. Hermit crabs: If you are looking for something unique and exotic then go for this little creature. Though they are named as ‘Hermit’ but this is misapplied, we guess. Never keep them alone and always buy two or three at a time. You can keep them in a simple terrium with moist, humid environment. Insert sand and coconut fiber as substrates. Feed them with commercial pellets, dechlorinated fresh water and salt water and fruits (occasionally). Put some hermit toys in the terrium. Your crabs will love it. There are many options available in stores like driftwood, unpainted clay flower pots, plastic plants, etc.


8. Betta fishes: These are not those good old common fishes. We are giving you a choice which is easy to manage with an equally manageable pot where it will stay. Bettas are vibrant red, green or violet in color and they are love at first sight you may say. They are quite small and are only a couple of inches long. Just place your beautiful little friend into a clean and warm water pot. No mess of a big and complicated water aquarium.


9. Leopard gecko: They are shy and diminutive. These all green lizards have brown spots all over their body. They can be fed with worms and crickets and fresh water. If you have children above 10 years and you want an unusual company as your pet then you can opt for this great small pet.


10. Guinea Pigs: They are the most common small pets as we know. They are great as starter pets. They need a lot of exercises to stay fit. You can add pipes or small boxes inside the portable enclosures where they are supposed to stay. As food you can give them pellets, prairie hay and of course a daily dose of vitamin C. Remember they are from South America and they are not at all pigs!


Small size pets are cute, adorable and if handled properly then can prove to be the best companion you ever had. Before you bring one in your home consider all the pros and cons associated with it and choose your friend according to your budget and the amount of time you can indulge for its maintenance. So have a think and add a little member to your family