40 Adorable and Cute Small Animal Pictures

Normally animals are very cute in nature, but when they are too tiny in size, they look cuter. Actually there are few animals in this world; those are so tiny in nature that you can’t imagine. Can you imagine a monkey that can fit in a tea cup or a hummingbird that can be easily mistaken with an insect? But yes there are some species of these animals that are so small in size. Here you can get some amazing facts and information about such tiny animals that perhaps you have never seen before. But most of these animals are almost threatened due to human activities.

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Bumblebee Bat is the smallest known mammal in this world. Also known as kitty’s Hog-Nosed bat. They are so small that they weigh about 2 grams and measure about 30-40 millimeters. Once they were thought as a native to Thailand but now also found in various parts of Myanmar.

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Pygmy Marmoset is a tree dwelling and smallest monkey in the world. They are so small that they can easily hang on your finger. A pygmy marmoset is 5 inches tall and 6 ounce in weight. When they are babies they are extremely cute. They are mainly found in Amazon Rainforest of South America and known to make a very loud noise.

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Have you seen a tarsier? Philippine Tarsier is widely known as the smallest monkey in the world but biologically they are not monkeys. They are extremely unique and posses various different characteristics than monkeys. All the day they spend sleeping at night they become active to hunt insects for foods. They are famous for their big eyes and said as their eyes are bigger than their stomach.

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An insect can also be confused with a bird and it is possible due to the bee hummingbird which is the smallest bird in the world. The females are slightly larger than males. They have a high flying speed which a human retina can’t even detect. They fly with a speed of 80 beats per second. Animal experts say that their nest is smaller than a wine bottle cap and their eggs are smaller than a coffee bean. Just imagine how cute they can be.

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Mouse Lemur almost resemblance the Philippine Tarsier but regarded as the smallest primate in the world. They are nocturnal in nature and never leave the tree. They are almost endangered in the whole world due to the loss of natural habitat.

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The smallest frog in this world is recently discovered by the scientists. It was named as Monte Iberia Eleuth Frog. Very little information is known about this frog but only it is known that this frog is a critically endangered species.

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Mr. Pebbles made its name in the Guinness book of world records as the smallest known cat in the world. This cat has a genetic defect and must be fed four times a day to sustain his weight. The size of this cat is almost like a rabbit can you imagine that?

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Ducky is the world’s smallest known dog and is about three years old. He is so cute that by seeing him you can’t even resist yourself to take him in your lap.

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But only reading about these animals doesn’t seem good enough. The most entertaining feature is to see their pictures and have fun. You will love the below photos of various cute tiny animals in the world that you can’t imagine can be so cute. We have collected all the pictures from various sources and now have put it together for you all. See the pictures by scrolling down and have lots of fun.

40 Adorable and Cute Small Animal Pictures

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This picture may look photoshopped, but this is a real and unedited image of the Brookesia micra. It is only about an inch long and lives for around 10 years in captivity.

The Brookesia micra is also the smallest known chameleon in the world, and it was just as recent as 2012 when they were discovered.

Its incredibly small size is caused by insular dwarfism.40 Cute Tiny Animal Pictures (9)

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The image above is that of a rabbit, and yes, they are only two to three inches long at birth.

When they reach adulthood, rabbits grow three to seven times bigger, which is around 15 inches.

The biggest rabbit breed in the world is the Flemish Giant Rabbit. It can grow as big as an adult dog and weigh over 13 pounds.

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There are many reasons why a cat licks itself, but one of the most common is for grooming.

When a cat licks a part of its body, its tongue stimulates the glands under the hair, which allows the sebum to spread throughout the body.

Moreover, licking their bodies helps them get rid of dirt and even parasites. Since cats don’t have sweat glands, their saliva also keeps their bodies cool.

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Did you know that sloths, particularly the three-toed sloths, are the slowest mammals on earth?

The main reason for this is that they don’t necessarily need high energy levels to go on with their lives.

They spend most of their days sleeping, eating, or resting, and their homes are somewhat close to where their needs are.

Moreover, sloths can adjust their body temperatures to be in line with the temperature of their environment. Because of this, they don’t require a lot of energy output.

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In some parts of the world, people would cross-breed ponies with small horses. This selective breeding is how we get miniature horses.

Despite looking like a young horse or a pony, full-grown miniature horses actually have an average height of only 34 to 38 inches.

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Did you know that koalas are more closely related to kangaroos than bears?

That’s right. You may have heard other people call them “koala bears,” but they’re not bears at all!

Koalas are actually marsupials. This means that their family tree is closer to kangaroos, opossums, and wombats.

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One of the most popular movies produced that features a mouse is Stuart Little. It was the work of E.B. White.

According to White, he made Stuart Little after dreaming about a mouse-like person that’s courageous and nicely dressed.

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We know you’re quite used to seeing them wearing hoodies and singing with Alvin, but this is actually what a real chipmunk looks like.

Despite being portrayed as friendly and extroverted in films, chipmunks are actually not good with socializing.

They prefer spending time alone, unless they share common food and water sources.

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These furry little creatures are called finger monkeys or pygmy marmosets, and they are the smallest monkeys in the world.

Their average size is only around six inches, excluding the tail.

About 74% of all finger monkey births result in twins, with only 16% single births. The remaining 8% is triplets.

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This right here is a fennec fox. Despite its cat-like appearance and behavior, a fennec fox, or foxes in general, is actually part of the canine family.

They don’t bark. Instead, they make purring sounds. They mostly live in deserts and the dry areas of Africa and Arabia.

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Did you know that hedgehogs were originally called “urchins”? Urchin is a middle English word for hedgehog.

The resemblance to this spiny mammal is also the reason why “sea urchins” are called that way.






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If you ever found a hedgehog, don’t even think of feeding them milk.

We know the babies look adorable, but hedgehogs are actually lactose intolerant. Clean and fresh water will do just fine to keep them hydrated.



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