20 Interesting Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats these are the two most popular pet animals of all time – there’s no denying it. And these two also hold the 1st and 2nd positions in the top searched animals list on Google. Among kids, both of them are the most desired four-legged friends. But readers, have you ever wondered about what are the few differences between these two cute little friends? Actually, there are many. Cats love to be in solitude for hours whereas dogs are always in search of extra attention. Can anybody ignore those nagging gestures and wagging tail of a dog? But you can’t even expect that puppy face from your pet cat! So certainly it will be fun to cultivate what are those major and interesting differences between these two buddies. Come on, let us dig into it.

Interesting Differences Between Cats and Dogs:

1. Family: Cats belong to the feline family whereas dogs belong to the canine family.

2. Differences in their built: The physical structure of cats and dogs are different. Cats are agile and their muscles are lean as they love to stalk their prey quietly whereas dogs are firmer and their structures are more athletic. Their endurance level is much more than cats.

3. Sounds they produce: a cat majorly makes sounds like ‘meow’ or ‘purr’. And dogs use barking, growling or woofing.

4. Obeying directions: Cats are the masters of their own minds. It’s really hard to train them properly because they hardly care about what you are directing but dogs are easy to train and they understand and obey certain directives like ‘come’, ‘sit’ or ‘run’.


5. Diet: Cats are totally carnivore. They can’t survive without meat in some forms but dogs are omnivore just as you are, though they prefer meat but they can even live on plant materials.

6. Numbers of teeth: your pet cat has only 30 teeth whereas your pup has 42 teeth. Funny right?


7. Social behavior: Cats love to be lonely. They do not enjoy your bodily attachment that much. But dogs are the social animal. They will love to cuddle with you, will play with your kid and will consider themselves as one of your family members.

8. The difference in movement ability: Cats are agiler than their canine friends. If they feel threatened or if they need their food they would jump or climb steadily but dogs are not that much swift in terms of movement. They will rather attack their hunt with aggression.


9. The requirement of space: Cats can compose themselves in the very little amount of area but dogs tend to feel suffocated in small areas. They require open spaces.

10. Runner vs. sprinter: Cats attack their prey silently from the back and if they have to chase they are sprinters but dogs are good runners they will chase their food and will have it.


11. Potty training: Cats are more likely to understand where to go potty with only a help of litter box but training a pup is more difficult. It takes lot of time and effort to make them understand which the right place to release their potty is.

12. Memory: Cat’s memory is sharper than the dogs. They tend to memorize a thing for up to 16 hours whereas your dog shall forget it within 5 hours.


13. A difference of greeting people: Cats do not care about people. They won’t even greet you if you are seeing her after 1 week or so but dogs will jump at you, will lick you, and will wag its tail to show you their affection.

14. The sharpness of claws: Cats have retractable claws so they can use their sharp claws when needed. The sharpness of their claws is maintained throughout but in cases of the dogs, their claws tend to be duller due to their constant walk.


15. Stamina level: Cats are sprinters. They lose their energy more easily and they are not as strong as the dogs. Dogs have more stamina than the cats. They use fat as the primary energy source that helps them to be the better runner.

16. Hard working capability: According to a recent study, house cats spend 80 percent of the day doing actually nothing. But dogs are versatile workers. They help human beings in many jobs like helping to hunt, to detect criminals, to guide blinds, etc.


17. Dependence on the owner: This point is very important for you to know if you wish to have cats or dogs as your pets. Cats do not bother much about you. Your supervision towards them is not that much needed but your pet dog often acts as your baby. You need to take care of his health, exercise, diet, etc. otherwise they feel neglected.

18. The sense of smell: Dogs have a much better sense of smell than the cats. We, human beings have only 5 million olfactory receptors whereas cats have 45 million to 85 million receptors which make them superior smaller than us. But dogs outshine them in supremacy.


19. Your savior: In night time your doggy will protect you from any scare that comes your way but your cat will escape for its own safety!

20. The span of life: Cats enjoy an average lifetime of 13 or 14 years. Though the outdoor cats do not live as long as the indoor cats. But the indoor cats can even survive for more than 20 years. In contrary, dogs cannot live that much. And in the case of dogs, the bigger the size, the shorter the lifespan. That’s why a poodle might live for 14 to 15 years but a big breed of dog cannot.


These are certainly interesting, funny differences between these two, four-legged, domesticated mammals. Both of them have some distinct qualities. Cats have their own solitary style of living and dogs will love to live in your arms. But both of them are very popular as pets and let us love both. Right?

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