How To Install Dog Seat Cover and Shop for a Dog Seat Cover

If you own a dog, you understand when we say they are more than just pets. They easily blend in and become a part of the family.

Since we want to bring them along on our travels, preparing everything to keep the ride smooth is a priority. Knowing how to install dog seat covers is a must mainly because we want to keep the car clean and our pets comfortable.

While installing one is essential, knowing what you need to look for when shopping for one is also necessary. The Lucky Seat dog seat cover is among the top models loved by pet owners and is one to check out.

Keeping your dogs comfortable when traveling is pretty easy with these pointers.

How To Install Dog Seat Cover

Before moving to the installation process, it is vital to ensure we have everything set.

Since dog seat covers come in different shapes and sizes, it is crucial to check for compatibility. You’ll need to measure the inside of your car to determine the seat cover size.

Make sure your seats are inclined exactly as you intend to use them with the cover.

Step #1: Consider the Type of Your Car

There are different car types in the market, and determining the perfect dog seat cover size is the first step. There are recommended measurements for each style.

A 54″ to 58″ dog car seat cover is suitable for most automobiles, compact trucks, and medium-sized SUVs. On the other hand, a 58″ to 60″ car seat cover is perfect for full-size trucks and big SUVs.

Pick out a size that naturally fits your car’s seat since one that’s bigger or smaller than your seat won’t do the job.

Step #2: Clean the Area and Lay It Out

The first step is to place the dog car seat cover in a flat layout on the backseat of your car. Make sure to clean out the area of items that may protrude and make your dog uncomfortable.

If you don’t want unpleasant smells or pest infestation in the area, clean the space first.

As soon as the surface is clean and dry, you can now lay the cover. Even out the top and tuck in corners to contour perfectly.

Step #3: Work on the Buckles

This step ensures the dog car seat cover is secure.

Dog car seats come in different models, sizes, and make. Some would use straps, while others have flaps.

Regardless of the kind of dog seat cover you have, make sure to follow the instruction guide that comes along with it. Usually, you will have to attach these to the front and back headrests. 

Step #4: Secure the Ends

After attaching the flaps or straps, all you have left to do is to secure them.

Check on the ends and ensure they don’t get caught up when you open or close the car doors. Once set, you can now enjoy the ride with your furry body with peace of mind.

How to Shop for the Best Dog Seat Cover

Learning how to install dog seat covers is one thing, but making sure you get the best counts too.

Getting one can seem like an easy task, but there are a lot of things to be considered. Since this plays a huge part in the experience for both you and your pet, make sure to remember these pointers when purchasing one.


A good dog seat cover should be made with durable materials. Dogs often come in with muddy coats and sharp nails.

Like with their beds, dogs may bite, scratch, and chew on the seat cover when they get bored. There may also be instances where they come in wet or, worse, pee on it.

The type of material you need is waterproof and easy to clean. It is also nice to go for one with a non-skid back because it keeps it intact even in rough rides.

Safety Features

Apart from durability and waterproof features, the seat cover should also keep your dog safe. Some dog seat covers come with straps that you can use to secure them while you drive.

Since dogs are curious beings, they may end up moving too much during the ride. These features can lessen the likelihood of accidents during the trip.


As we mentioned earlier, the fit is essential. Barely fitting won’t suffice because this means frequent adjustments.

You need a dog seat cover that will remain secure throughout the ride. Not to mention a cover that doesn’t require fixing from time to time.


There are different types of dog seat covers in the market, and each one has its pros and cons. For instance, bucket seat covers fit vehicles, SUVs, and trucks.

They usually use this in the front passenger side, but you can also place them in the middle row of an SUV or minivan. These typically cover the whole seat, bottom, and back, providing overall protection.

Then there are the shorty models that come in designs that are universally compatible with car seats. They cut these low enough in the back to allow seats to have cup holders, armrests, and other features.

On another note, large vehicles and SUVs with bench seats often use extended models. These extend the length of the cover by at least a half-foot or more, allowing you to protect the seats in a larger vehicle.

Style and Price

It’s nice to have something that looks good and compliments your car’s interior. Though this isn’t solely the deciding factor, this can make the experience better. 

Another point to consider is the price. Consider the number of pros and cons of each and determine whether those give value to the item. 

Lucky Seat Dog Seat Cover

Lucky Seat is perfect for a new experience with your pet. Just slip the seat anchors and buckle straps into your car’s headrests to install.

Its convertible side flaps enable dogs to enter and exit the car while protecting the car seat and door. You can also opt for using it as a dog car hammock.

This model comes with a viewing window that allows air to flow into the backseat and may relieve anxiety in dogs.

Installing Dog Seat Covers Correctly

Dog seat covers play a huge part in the lives of pets and their owners. Apart from making travels comfortable, it also benefits taking the load off for cleaning. If you happen to be caring for a pet of your own, you can start by learning how to install a dog seat cover in your car.

Shopping for one is made simpler by the pointers above too. It’s a good start to go for one tested by time, and Lucky Seat earned its title for it. It’s incredible how this simple dog car seat cover can add to both you and your dog’s safety and convenience.