10 Signs Helps You To Understand Dog Body Language

Have you ever imagined that dogs speak to us? Yes they also have a certain method of communication. To maintain a good relation with your dog and understanding their feelings firstly you have to learn about their communication styles. Sometimes you will notice when they see some unknown people they put their ears back, again doing some amazing sounds when you are having your dinner. This verbal clues or changes in body language have a lot of meaning. Here’s your duty is to learn about these expressions to understand your dog in every step. You will hardly get any trainer who will teach you this mode of communication but obviously here we are to help you in learning it.

Signs Helps You To Understand Dog Body Language

Howling: Dogs only howl when they try to locate someone. It may be anybody, you or any other dog on your neighborhood or a street dog. Sometimes when they will miss their owner they start howling to get some response. Even it is common that when one dog in your neighborhood howls, all the other dogs make their own replies.

Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues1

Grunting or Muttering: This is very amazing sound mainly heard when dog wants something from you. Actually barking is an aggressive expression while grunting or muttering is quiet soft which will help them to get the thing they are wanting. Again it is also heard when they greet any other dog or human in a gentle manner.

Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues2

Whining: Whining is an indication of frustration in dogs. Whenever any dog does this you should be sure that they are suffering from frustration and trying to complain about something.


Growling: It means a signal of aggressiveness. They growls only to threat anybody opposite them. Whenever a dog is eating food and some other dog takes any interest in that they will start growling as mode of warning. Again when your dog is playing with a toy and you are trying to take that toy away from him they will start growling at you. Dog’s think that this is a very effective way to threat anybody.

Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues4

Whimpering: Dogs whimpers mainly when they get hurt and anxious. Again sometimes they use this verbal clue to take the attention of everybody if they see that they are getting the attention by doing this.

Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues5

Barking: This is the most common verbal communication used by dogs. But barks are of different types and each of them indicates different meaning. Like high pitched bark indicates excitement, low pitch bark indicates bark and possible threat. Apart from these, there are lot more feelings indicated by barking like attention, alerts, happiness, responding and lot more.

Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues6

Now you should learn about some facial expressions and body language:

1. Confident and Relaxed:
Ears: Pricked up but in a relaxed way.
Eyes: Small Pupils.
Mouth: Shut and slight parting of lips.
Tails: Wagging slowly.
Stance: Erect

Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues7

2. Aggressive:
Ears: Pricked up.
Eyes: Focused.
Mouth: Lips pulled back and showing of teeth.
Tails: Straight up and rigid.
Stance: Rigid.
Hackles: Raised.

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Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues8

3. Relaxed:
Ears: Normal.
Eyes: Normal or focused but not sharing.
Mouth: Open or lightly closed.
Tails: Up and wagging normally.
Stance: Lying down.

Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues9

4. Fearful and Anxious:
Ears: Down.
Eyes: Wide.
Mouth: Panting.
Tails: Tucked under.
Stance: Lowered.

Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues10

5. Fear Aggressive:
Ears: Lying down.
Eyes: Wide and troubled.
Mouth: Lips pulled back slightly.
Tails: Tucked completely under.
Stance: Dog is pulled into himself.

Understand Dog Bond Language and Verbal Clues11

When you will have a vast idea about the verbal clues and expressions of a dog it will be much easier for you train them. Again it’s very important to understand their feelings which will be very easier when you will learn about all these mode of communications. Start the process of noticing their body languages from today.