8 Games to Play with your Dog

If you have a pet dog at your home then you are obviously very familiar playing with your dog.

There are lots of benefits which you can achieve if you play regularly with your dog.

The most important thing is that playing with your dog regularly develops understanding, communication and a great bond between you two. Apart from these, regular playing makes your dog engaged in physical activities which is great for their health.

Remember dogs are intelligent enough to response in their games. But you should know the games which are very suitable for your dogs. Playing anything with your dog doesn’t make him an intelligent one. There are only particular games which are very suitable to play with dogs. As a result, we made this article giving details about some of these games.

Games to Play with your Dog:

1. Find the Treat: It is a very interesting game for your dog. Actually they have to find their treat from hidden places. While you plan to give them some treats train them in such a way that they have to find their treat and eat. Lock them up while hiding the foods in some places. Then release them and instruct to find the treat. They will surely rush to find their own treat.

8 Games to play with your Dog1

2. Follow the Leader: You can train your dog to follow you when instructed. Actually if you train them to follow you they will obviously roam around behind you. Put some obstacles in the way in which they will follow you. Now you start walking and command them to follow you. They will start following you in spite of having obstacles in their way.

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3. Hide and Seek: Make your dog sit in a place and wait. Now go to a nearby place and hide yourself. Once you are ready then call your dog. They will start finding you in all places by smelling and hearing your voice. After he finds you try to give him a treat. At first don’t hide in places that are very hard to find for your dog instead of that start with easy places and afterwards move to hard places.

8 Games to play with your Dog3

4. Soccer: Take your dog to a nearby field. Take a soccer ball and kick it to a distance. Now instruct your dog to push it and roam around the field with that ball. Actually a soccer ball is too big for a dog to play. But they will slowly manage it with their nose tip and paws. At this time give him a lot of praise. Now when you dog get’s used to this game you can ask more members to join the game with your dog.

8 Games to play with your Dog4

5. Fetch: Fetching is a very common game for dogs almost every owner loves to play with them. Some dog breeds are inborn fetchers they needs no training in this matter. But most of the breeds are not familiar with it so you have to train them. You can train any dog for this game. You can use ball, toy or a small stick throwing them in a very short distance and tell them to fetch it and bring it to you. Continue it till your dog gets tired. But never force them to do it when they don’t like it all the time.

8 Games to play with your Dog5

6. Find It: It is almost same as ‘Find the Treat’ game. Actually you have to replace the treat with any toy or an object your likes the most. Remember to hide the toy in a very simple place but wrap it with a towel or a piece of cloth. They will find their much loved object from the hidden place.

8 Games to play with your Dog6

7. Drop It: You can go for this interesting game as it is very useful for training them. Give them a big object so that they can grab t in their mouth. Now do something so that they drop that item in the ground and come running to you. Now instruct them to grab it again and repeat the same process.

8 Games to play with your Dog7

8. Commanding: This is not actually a game but it is just a process of making your dog more intelligent and obedient. When you are sitting free and willing to spend some time with your dog, start commanding your dog and make them response according to it. This works great at leisure time and makes your dog very obedient towards you.

8 Games to play with your Dog8

Now you have got a clear idea about all the games mentioned above. So just rush with your dog from the next day. All the games mentioned above needs a lot of training and at first train them to work according to your command. This is the basic thing you need. And all other things are quiet perfect with your dog no matter which breed he belongs to.