How to Take Care of Your Injured Dog: Simple Tips

Accident can occur all of a sudden maybe it’s us or an animal. But the main fact is that accident most of the time leads to injury which sometimes becomes very severe. The most important and bad side of an injury is that it causes pain. In case of animals, the whole thing is almost same but the only difference is that we can easily manage a pin in most of the time but the animals can’t do it. So here comes your duty that you have to take care of the pain in your pet. Today we will be talking about the injuries in dogs and the ways to take care of it. Dogs are just like the family members more to say like babies to us. And hence if our dog gets injured, we have to take care of their injury like a father or a mother. In most of the cases we recommend to consult a veterinarian doctor in severe injuries but in case of small injuries, you can treat it at home. And even in case of severe injuries we will have to arrange for some first aid for them. Here are all your caring solutions in a single place. Learn it and care for your injured dog.

How to Take Care of Your Injured Dog

Call a Veterinarian: The first and foremost and foremost duty of yours is to call a veterinarian immediately after you notice the injury. But reaching the vet may take a bit time, so at first you will have to arrange for some homely treatments at that moment. You can also get some guidance from the veterinarian over phone.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 1

Approach with Care: Think the same to do with animals as you do with a human injury. Approach the wounded area with a lot of care and never touch it as they will get a lot of pain.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 2

Muzzle your Dog: If your dog is not vomiting, the best way is to muzzle at that time. At that time your pet may attack you so avoid injury to yourself and muzzle them slowly.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 3

Don’t hug your Pet: Now please don’t think that if you hug your dog they will forget all the pains and get some relief. They can’t understand like humans. In fact, avoid hugging them at this time. Maintain a certain distance as their mental condition is not good.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 4

Examine the Injury: Now this is the most important part to examine the injury of your pet. Don’t try to touch it tightly, examine it from a soft touch. Try to be very patient and careful. If you see that your dog is feeling a lot of pain leave it. It’s better to have an assistant with you when doing this.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 5

Arrange for a Pet Carrier: If you already have a pet carrier at home, take your pet to the vet in it. It will help you to avoid excessive movement of your dog. Excessive movement of your dog can be very uncomfortable especially of the injury is in legs or other parts of the body which gets used while walking. If you don’t have a pet carrier, you can arrange it immediately from somewhere else like friends or neighbors who also have a pet.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 6

Remember to carry the Medical Records: If you are a very caring pet owner obviously you visit to your veterinary doctor for regular check-ups of your dog. Keep all the essential medical records in a single place so that you can find anything immediately you need. So at this time, when you are carrying your injured dog to the vet carry all the medical records as this will be helpful for the veterinarian to treat the wound quickly.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 7

Give adequate Diet: After treating the wound, the vet doctor will tell you about all the diets they need to recover from the injury soon. Probably he will give you a diet chart. Follow the diet chart like a student and give them the balanced diet that they need for quick injury and healing of injured cells.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 8

Adequate Intake of Fluids: It is important to give adequate fluids to your dog at this time. It’s very important to maintain a good kidney function and fluids will do all that. Actually the required amount of fluid varies with the size of the dog. So for that your vet will give you all the instructions.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 9

Provide Full Medication Course: There are certain medicines that have full medication course, which should be completed strictly. So ensure to complete the entire course completely given by the vet. Some after a few doses your dog will become ok, don’t think that injury got cured with that. This can cause some future problems.

Simple Pet Care Tips for an Injured Dog 10

As we have told earlier in this article that caring a pet is like caring a baby at your home. So always act like a father or a mother with them. It is your responsibility towards them and they also expect these small cares from you.