Simple Tips to Make Dog Bathing Easier

When you have a pet dog at your home, it is your responsibility to keep them groomed all the time. In fact regular cleaning is very essential. But the first time dog owners face a lot of problem during the bath time. Actually new pets will feel very uncomfortable when you will clean them as they are not used to it. As a result they will show some awkward behaviors. These awkward behaviors lead to accidents in some cases which can even ruin their bath time for the rest of his life time. So be careful and know the various process of cleaning your dog very carefully. You have to get your job done so it is very essential to read the full article.

Simple Tips to Make Dog Bathing Easier

Options for places: It is not common in houses that you will have a separate dog bath tub for cleaning your dogs. But selection of the correct place is very necessary. We generally recommend kitchen sinks, deep laundry rooms or bathroom sinks where you can easily clean your dog. You can also use your own bathtub if you had it at your home bathroom. Even you will find some pet cleaning shops where they provide a place for you to clean the dogs.

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Keep your Dog Safe in the Tub: While you are using your bath tub keep in mind that the bath tubs remain very slippery which as a result may be uncomfortable for your dog. A good idea is to put a towel at the bottom so their feet don’t slips. The towel will allow them to grip in the tub and will help them feeling secure there. If your dog is too afraid of bathing have a helper who can hold them tightly so that they don’t moves. Ultimately your main motto is to make them used to with the whole bathing process.

Ehat not to do During your Dog's Bath 2

Keep the ears and eyes protected: Most of the dogs will not like water poured on their head. And that’s the reason it becomes unsafe to clean their face and ears. The best way is to put two cotton balls on the ears and for preventing water get into their ears. Don’t try to lather your dogs head forcefully as they may get soap on their eyes. And another important reason not to pour water in their head is if water gets into their ears, they will develop secondary infections from moisture getting into their ears. Put water till their neck and finish with a wet cloth to clean their face.

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Getting into real business: Make sure that the water temperature is comfortable as if it is too cold they may get cold and flu and if it is too hot it is not good for their skin. Clean every part of their body except head nicely and thoroughly. Before shampooing, the full body should be wet specially if the dog have a long fur coat. Try to use natural shampoos available at pet shops. If your dog don’t have any skin infections, use tea tree shampoo. If your doggy is dense or double coated, then pre mix shampoo with water and then apply it to their body. This will actually make your work easier. Don’t try to clean your dog’s anal gland as it may develop some problems there. If they are facing some problems in the anal gland, consult with your vet doctor immediately. In fact they will be happy that you are not squeezing their butt.

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Face Cleaning: While cleaning their face, keep in mind that you should pull their face upwards so that all the water should go downwards over the neck. Wet a towel and slowly rinse it above their face. But do it smoothly. This will help you to clean their face. Make a regular routine of bathing that don’t means that you will take them to the bath tub daily. Instead one day is enough in a week. Some dogs will develop tear stains on both their eyes. Use colloidal silver and cotton ball to clean it smoothly. This is also a great way to disinfect your dog’s face.

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Ear Cleaning: At first remove the cotton balls from their ears. Put some drops of ear cleaner inside their ear and then smoothly massage it so that it enters in all the portions of the ear. Now you can swab out the junks from the ear slowly. The outer soft and flappy part of the ear is known as pinna so once you are done with the ear cleaning take a clean cotton ball and clean the entire pinna nicely.

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It is almost clear to you that now you are not going to bath your dog in a wrong way. As you know all the process thoroughly you will not face any problems while bathing. Bit still handle carefully two of their important parts Eyes and Ears.