How to Take Care of Your Aged Dog

Do you have an aged dog at your home? Now it’s time to give some special care for them. Sounding amazing? Like humans, dogs also need some extra special care at their old age. And as an owner of your pet it is your duty to provide them some special care. As the dogs become old they start showing some different behaviors. Dogs are very dependent on their owners. From very small age they depend on their owners for some special cares. Being an owner of a pet dog it comes as a responsibility for caring your dog and cheer them up even at their old age. The main thing is to maintain a proper record of the age of your pet dog, because from time to time as your pet gets older their caring methods also changes. So have some proper knowledge for providing them with better care. Here, different caring process has been discussed below to provide you with the best knowledge.

Ways to Take Care of Your Aged Dogs:

Weight Screening: As your dog becomes older their body weight changes. According to age there are some perfect body weight limits. You should be very careful about the body weight of your pet. Remember your pet shouldn’t carry over weight, because this can lead into various deadly diseases. As dogs become older their immunization power also decreases. So the chances of catching chronic diseases also increase. Check your dog’s body weight regularly.

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Regular Vet check-ups: Pets always need regular veterinary check-ups. Actually during their middle age we people don’t take much interest in taking our dogs for regular clinical check-ups. But in their old age they really need regular doctor visits as we humans need. The dogs can suffer from various diseases in their last age. Old dogs should be kept in proper clinical observations so that they don’t catch any diseases.

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Foods and Diets: The foods of an aged dog always differ from the food of a young one. Actually the nutritional requirement changes from age to age. Having wrong foods can make your dog overweight and obese. But overweight leads to various diseases, so you should keep away your dog from growing extra fat in their body. There are some different requirements for aged dogs. Low calorie intake, high fiber intake, supplements, low fat foods, more water intake and specific senior dog foods these all nutritional needs should be provided to them. And coming to the point of diet the aged needs some special foods with different formula suiting their age. The metabolism rate decreases as the dogs become old. So the foods and diets should be properly maintained to avoid indigestion.

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Arthritic problems: As you pet dog grow older there is a great chance of having arthritis or joint pains all over their body. Normally arthritis is very common in aged dogs. According to a survey it is seen that 1 among every 5 dogs suffer from arthritis. This should be prevented by some remedial measures.
1. Don’t let your dog to put extra weight.
2. Let your dog move, play, run always. This helps to burn extra calorie.
3. Offer some soft bed to your dog for sleeping.
4. Give some natural joint supplement to eat.

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Cleanliness: Always groom your aged dog regularly. Actually the keeping them clean keeps them away from infectious diseases. Brush their teeth regularly. There are many types of dog soaps and shampoos available on market. Clean them with applying soap or shampoo all over their body. Check their ears and skin and keep them away from harmful chemical substances.

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Company: Aged dogs need a lot of good company. They will need you each and every time. You will notice that they are always following you. And will never let you leave them. Actually if they really enjoy your company they will always need it in their last days of life. Spend a lot of time with them if possible. Actually it differs from breed to breed.

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Behavior: The old doggy will always have different behaviors. If you want them to play with you like they played at the age of 4-5 then you are the most stupid one. You will see that they will become very shy and frustrated. They will suffer from lethargy. Most of the time they will spend sleeping or lying down in the same place for a long time. But let them behave according to their wish. Never force them to do anything. This can lead to some ferocious actions.

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Vaccination: Change the vaccination schedule as suggested by the veterinarians. It is suggested by the experts that the vaccination schedule should be changed of every three years. As a pet lover you know that vaccination is very essential for any pet animal. So please don’t be casual in this matter especially at their old age.

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So as your dog gets older, your responsibility increases. You always have a lot of responsibility if you really love your pet. So always provide a happy and comfortable life at their old days. Surely these innocent creatures will also return you lots of love and affection.

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