How to trim your Cat’s Nail

If you have a pet at your home you should know that they need a lot of grooming. Regular grooming is needed to keep them neat and clean. But grooming sometimes becomes very hard in some breeds. For that you have to know some technique. Like people face a lot of irritation and trouble while trimming the nails of a cat or a dog. They will disturb you a lot. And if the nails grow bigger then they will start destroying your assets. When the nails grow bigger and sharp they might begin to scratch furniture, other pet animals, other family members and even you. So be careful of these nails. The main thing is that it becomes dangerous in some situation and often lead to infections. So trim your pet’s nails regularly. So here you will get an idea about trimming a cat’s nail. It is described in a step by step procedure for your help. So get into it.

How to Trim your Cat’s Nail:

  •  Train your cat: Most of the time you will notice that when you will hold the paws, they will immediately remove the paws or walk away from there. So the thing you will have to do is to train your cat not to remove the paws when you hold them. Yes whenever you will be close to your cat hold their paws. Do this repeatedly so that they get used to it. At first they will show some irritation but after some days they will be used to it. After the problem is settled try to start massaging the paws whenever you get hold of them. They will feel very comfortable with it. But don’t press hardly while massaging. Now to try to hold them in the perfect position to trim their nails.

How to Trim your Cat's Nail1

  • Look for the right time: This is a very important thing as you will have to look for the right time to trim. Cats are very moody in nature. You can’t trim their nail according to your wish instead you have to wait for the time they want. Here are few suitable time you can try out. The best time is probably after the meal when they feel relaxed and sleepy. Otherwise you can also try the time when they are resting on their favorite place in the daytime. Or when they just woke up after a short nap or a going for a short nap. Don’t try to trim immediately after their playtime, as they feel very hungry at that time. And always avoid when they are in aggressive mood.

How to Trim your Cat's Nail2

  • Find the exact place to cut from: Don’t just rush into cutting first. First understand the anatomy of a cat’s nail. You will see a pink portion on the nail which is called ‘Quick’. Try to avoid it at first, as cutting this portion will hurt your cat and it can also start bleeding. At first start with cutting the tip then slowly step further till the ‘Quick’ portion. But remember not to touch the quick portion.

How to Trim your Cat's Nail3

  • Arrange for a perfect Pet Nail Trimmer: It is always suggested to use a scissor type nail trimmer as it can be easier for you to handle that. Always while trimming the nails keep some styptic powder near you. If you cut the ‘Quick’ by chance then you can apply it to avoid bleeding. And if you don’t have styptic powder then you can use flour as a substitute. Always cut the nails carefully so that it cuts from the top to bottom in a perfect manner. As the nails are very hard you will have some trouble at first. And lastly don’t get frustrated as your pet cat will move their paws because they will obviously not like it. You can find a great resource on the best cat nail clippers here.

How to Trim your Cat's Nail4

  • Give your cat a great treat: Always give a great treat to your cat after the full process is over. As your cat deserves the treat for not irritating you through the whole process. Also in future they will remind about the treat and will let you cut the nails easily. Serve the best treat they will obviously like tasty chicken, vacuum packed salmon or some cheese. They will also like some sour cream or butter garnishing.

How to Trim your Cat's Nail5

  • Precautions and Checking: So before doing the full process you will have to take some precautions. First of all you can take a help of some another person as your helper. Illustrate them how to help you and hold them in the perfect position. Also your cat should know your helper very well. Hold one of the paws in your hand and slowly start cutting it. And don’t make it a mess with shouting and excitement. If your cat is a little coward they will get afraid. Lastly, check your pet’s nail regularly to so that it doesn’t grow much bigger. As big nails are very tough to cut. So now go on with your cat to cut it’s nail.

How to Trim your Cat's Nail6