10 Best Cat Breeds around the World

For every pet lover who wants a cat in their home obviously have a choice of breed. All the breeds don’t possess same characteristics, so you have to choose the best one who goes with your taste and lifestyle. Some cat breeds look very beautiful but they are not at all friendly in that sense, again some are too much friendly that it will take hardly sometime to familiarize with them. Everything depends on your consideration and the most important thing is that which breed to go for. You will get a list of 10 best cat breeds in the world but it’s your decision to choose which one is suitable for you.

Best Cat Breeds around the World

1. Siamese: This breed was discovered by the British peoples 100 years ago and was said to emerge from Asia. It is a short haired cat breed with very social attitude. They look beautiful and attractive because of their blue eyes and elongated body.

10 Best Cat Breeds in the World1

2. Abyssinian: They are one of the most ideal pet cat breed around the world due to their characteristics. This breed is very easy to take care of and is very lively and expressive. Although they are not a type of cat to sit in your lap all the time but they are loyal and affectionate. They bond well with other pets and small children.

10 Best Cat Breeds in the World2

3. British Short Hair: Cats brought by Romans in England during the first century and was afterwards bred with other wild cats in England. It is one of the most intelligent and popular cat breeds around the world at present. They are mainly used in films and other shoots.

10 Best Cat Breeds in the World3

4. Maine Coon: One of the oldest cat breed in the world and mainly known for its long and thick fur coat. Intense intelligence and smartness makes them the most fascinated among the owners. And if you are trying to keep a cat to rid out all the rats from your home then this is the first choice you should go for.

10 Best Cat Breeds in the World4

5. Persian Cats: Yes, the real aristocrats among all the cat breeds. One of the most gorgeous and smart cat breeds. As a family cat they have proved themselves as ideal one because of their loyal and affectionate nature. Persians are very relaxing nature and one of the most ancient breed whose existence was also found in hieroglyphics.

persian cat

6. Somali: Somali is famous for their clever nature. They always try to be at the centre of attraction and even it is said that some can give off their food to be with people around. They love to spend lot of time with their loved ones. They are active and playful all the time even in their adult age.

10 Best Cat Breeds in the World6

7. Ragdoll: Ragdolls are the most lazy breed ever. They loves to relax all the time and often refereed as the ‘Puppy dog’ because of its dog like nature. Normally they grow very large in size and said to be one of the largest breed of cat. Ragdolls are very friendly, affectionate and seekers of human companionship.

10 Best Cat Breeds in the World7

8. Sphynx: The only hairless cat breeds in the world with big ears and eyes. Due to their attractive looks and rarity these cat breed is often liked by the humans. According to a survey report, Sphynx is the most demanding cat breed in U.S. They are very playful and loving but not suitable for outdoors.

10 Best Cat Breeds in the World8

9. Birman: Birman cats are the most personality balanced cat breed in the feline group. From all the sides they have proved them one of the best human companions. But you will have to spend a lot of time to play with them regularly. They always wait for the owner to form a great bond.

10 Best Cat Breeds in the World9

10. Manx: The main identification mark of a Manx breed is its tail. Either they will be born with a very short tail or even with no tail. Manx are inborn athletes and will jump around your house. They are very smart looking and gentle in nature. So if you have lot of time to spend with your cat go for a Manx.

10 Best Cat Breeds in the World10

Finding a perfect cat breed for you will not be so tough now. You got outline idea about the best breeds in the world and to know lot more about their nature you can consult with a veterinarian or a pet trainer. Always try to buy a cat from a reputed pet shop only due to various health reasons and be careful about their age.