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10 Interesting Facts and Information about Poodle Dog Breeds

Astonishing hairdos and incredibly kind nature with regal attitude are what makes them special and one of most favorite pet dog breeds. Isn’t it always the smartness and ingenuity that made girls fall for and long for? Well well, look who is abiding in all such original sets of skills – the Old French Barbet Breed – The Poodle Dogs. Poodle dogs are strong, playful and intelligent dog breeds and guess what, you would need impressive higher fencing before you set up your mind to buy one for yourself ‘cause they happen to be extraordinary hurdles.

Interesting Facts and Information about Poodle Dog Breeds

Poodle Dog Breeds Information

Size and Weight – Talking about characteristics, let’s start with the breeds’ size and weight. According to the major Kennel Clubs including AKC and UKC and others, poodle dog breeds are of four kinds that vary their sizes and physical appearances viz.,

  • The standard that is Grande.
  • Medium implying the Moyen.
  • Miniature also knew as Dwarf.
  • Nain also knew as the toy breed of Poodle is just the smallest.

Standard poodle dogs are largest breeds of poodles and are about 15 inches in size or sometimes more too while the Miniature and the toy poodle dog breeds are 11 to 15 inches and 8 to 10 inches respectively. Medium sized breeds that are Moyen is not much of a popular breed but FCI reports their sizes varying from 14 inches. Their weight varies from 55 to 60 lbs for a healthy male poodle while 45 to 50 lbs for the female ones.

Interesting Facts and Information about Poodle Dog Breeds
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Coat – This might come as a surprise to you but every dog has two layers of the fur being the second layer. Though, the fact is contrariwise when it comes to poodle dog breeds though! They have just one layer of beautiful curly fur that is dense and pretty. Just like any other dog, they shed; they do shed a lot! But just like any other dog their fur does not come off but gets spiraled and tangled along with the surrounding fur. That’s what makes it really important to make your pet get to grooming in well-defined intervals ie., every 5-6 months.10 hours/week – yeah, this is how much time it does take for a standard poodle to do proper brushing and hair care.

The Appearance Matters – How your little poodle doggie would be looking is a really big question and by that I mean, everyone does want a cute dog and a strong one too. Well, strong just got covered and we told you how friendly and intelligent these dogs are. About their appearance, Dark and oval eyes that intimidate the expression of intelligent and alertness and their folded ears apparently below the eyes’ level is how their face looks. An interesting fact about Poodle dogs says that they are identified by the varying heights and not weight. Amongst the different types of poodle dog breeds and even amongst the different countries that they are endured and reared in, their height changes and so does their physical appearance.

Interesting Facts and Information about Poodle Dog Breeds
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What Color? Pick one! – Yet another fascinating feature about this elegantly wonderful breed that Poodle is the wide color options that include white, brown, black, gray, beige, red, silver, sable and apricot and some more. Not just the colors but the beautiful textures and patterns, for instance, brindle, adds on to the considered characteristics of poodle dogs. Well, the spotted ones are my favorites! When I speak of any colored poodle dogs, it is not an even or same color code that is referred. For instance, if there is a gray colored poodle dog, then there may be some portions where the fur is a bit darker than the gray while some other portions may be lighter too. Unlike black, blue, gray, silver and white poodles who have black noses & eye rims and black toenails, brown poodle dog breed happen to have liver-tinted noses and eye rims and dark toenails with amber eyes. Forget about that and just think about how you enjoyed the pictures of poodle puppies.

Nature and Character – In order to keep up their social and energetic nature, it is important to involve them more in intellectual activities. They are readily discernible when it comes to attentiveness and hunting drives. They happen to be really reserved and alert amidst foreigners. Though, this fact may not doubt their warm and loving nature to be a true companion too. They take their time to know that the stranger is not any harm to their masters and that is when they show their softer side. Guess what, if you have this doggie, then no other entertainment sources would beat him ‘cause he is really good at innumerable dog sports like dock diving, field tracking, flyball and swimming and many.

Interesting Facts and Information about Poodle Dog Breeds
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Recommendation – Of all the four kinds and size varieties of poodle dog breeds, the highly recommended one is Standard Poodle. Especially, the families with children, we would suggest the standard breed of poodle since they are kind and well-mannered and no harm to your kids. The problem with the miniature or toy poodle dogs is that they are impatient and while children are playing with the miniature or toy poodle, they may accidentally bite them as a result of the fear child may have made the dog feel unknowing. Lonely is not the place they want to be. It scares the hell out of them and makes them anxious when they are kept from having fun with the family or play or left alone at home with everyone out. I hope its easier to choose what you want now.There are many appealing dogs with long floppy ears that will take all your attraction and poodle is one of them.

Interesting Facts and Information about Poodle Dog Breeds
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Don’t Miss Out to Read these Poodle Dog Breed Facts and Add on to Some More Yearnings for this Wonderful Breed –

Tis Ancient than Your Ancestors – Poodle dogs are ancient and come from thousands of years back. Cultures like Egyptian and Roman are being adorned ever since first centuries B.C. (literally when the time started to circle the clock) and delineations adding to the important artifacts witnessing their presence back then.

French’s Official Dog, is it? – No, definitely not! But yes, France does call the poodle dog their official dog and this is the reason why people fall prey to the doubt as such. Poodles are not French!

Name Suggests Poodle’s Hunting History – German word it is, pudel or puddle, from where the word poodle is derived from that directly refers to dogs jumping in puddles of water. They were used for fetching waterfowl and hunting trips.

Interesting Facts and Information about Poodle Dog Breeds
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Ask the Reason Behind Such Fancy Hairdo is PROTECTION. Yes, those curly locks and laces are to keep the dog safe from cold water getting to reach several joints and vital organs. Though, wherever possible, the fur is to be kept small as to avoid tangling and hence the infections.
Elvis’ Favorite It is! – Elvis, the King loved dogs and he named his poodle dog Champagne. He so much loved the breed that he, in fact, gifted one toy poodle to his girlfriend and one to his wife.As it’s essential to know every aspect of the behavior the dog breed shows which you are planning to get, we have made your work way easy and compiled a list of Aggressive small Dog Breeds to own.

Elevator, Not much Tough! – Have you heard of any dog who went up the elevator as easily as us humans do? Yes, the master of Nala, the Poodle dog, never taught her to execute an elevator but she apparently tried and figured to work it out all by herself.

Why settle for plain and pure poodle dog breed if there are numerous mixed breeds that mix up the charm of two different breeds? Have a look and grab a good read at what all crossbreeds this amazing dog that makes them more hypoallergenic so it adds more to your facts and breed information.