10 Large Cat Breeds in the World

Do you have a great love for cats? Want to bring one in your home, as pets? You should obviously read this article before you do that. Cats are of different breeds and they possess completely different features and characteristics. Actually, you will have to select the one perfect for you. So it’s very better that you think a small cat or large cat is suitable for you. If it’s really hard for you to control a small act, you should obviously go for the large breeds of cat available. Read the full article and you will having a clear idea about the best large breeds of act around the world.

Large Cat Breeds in the World:

Savannah: The Savannah cats currently hold the record of the largest domestic cat breed. They actually get’s their size when crossbred with the Serval, a wild cat found in Africa. This cat breed is really heavy, tall and long in size. The average weight of a Savannah cat is about 25 pounds. So you can easily take them as your option.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 1

Chausie: This Chausie breed was also created by cross breeding domestic felines with their wild cousins. This breed is very rarely found and is very costly. But if you are looking for a beautiful cat that will attract everybody, you should obviously go with this choice. They have an n average weight of about 15-20 pounds. They have a complete temperament of a domestic cat.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 2

Norwegian Forest Cat: These beautiful felines are very large cats with an average weight of about 15-22 pounds. This breed is actually very muscular and their long coat is also very heavy. This long coat helps them to survive from the Scandinavian winters from which they actually originate. Mostly you will find that the cats originated in the cold temperature, will have long coat.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 3

British Shorthair: One of the largest shorthaired felines around the world. They originated in Britain and so called by the name British Shorthair. They have an average weight of about 9-18 pounds. British Shorthairs are normally very affectionate in nature and they make really wonderful companions. They are regarded as one of the first pedigree cats in the World.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 4

American Bobtail: Have you really seen this distinct cat breed? The breed was completely created because of natural selection and they are widely known because of their bobtail. The bobtail they have is a natural phenomenon and they weigh about 7-15 pounds on an average. This cat is also a good choice for the people looking for a domestic cat breed.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 5

Maine Coon: It’s one of the largest cat breeds in the world today. They are really very fluffy and weigh about 15-25 pounds on an average. They are not the wildcat hybrids and regarded as a true domestic cat breed. So anyone looking for such a cat breed can go for a Maine Coon, but they can be really fat and you will have to keep them in a regular grooming.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 6

Ragdolls: If you think you have a big heart, you should also go for a cat with big heart. So ragdoll will be the suitable choice for you. This is a cat breed with outstanding personality and calm nature. They will try to be on your lap all the time. In addition, if you love to cuddle, they will also not have any objection. They weigh about 10-20 pounds.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 7

Ragamuffin: This cat breed is completely based on the previous cat breed in this list. They were mainly bred to get the same temperament as the ragdolls and follow the footsteps of the same characteristics. But they were successful in maintaining the size also. Mainly the average weight of this cat is about 10-17 pounds.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 8

Siberian Cat: They mainly come from the cold climate of Siberia. This is also a large, densely coated feline with a
beautiful appearance. It is also regarded as the national treasure of Russia. They are very good companion of humans and weighs around 10-20 pounds. They also come in some beautiful color combinations that will really attract you.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 9

Turkish Van: This is a very rare breed of cat and mainly originates from the central and southwest Asia. They were first brought in America around early 1980’s. They mainly weigh about 9-13 pounds with a very affectionate nature. They really love their owner and are a bit more anxious in nature. So they are the best for apartments.

10 Large Cat Breeds in the World 10

So it will be very easy for you to select the perfect and suitable breed for you that will be the best pet in your home. You now know about all the breeds and probably you have already decided the one you will be making your pet. So just read in details about them and finally proceed in bringing a small one in your home so that you can really train them well.