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How to make a Birthday Cake for Cats : Easy Recipe

This article is due to that most pet lovers in this world think their pets as a family member. And think about that when any one of your family member have a birthday how you celebrate that. Ok leave that, whatever may be the celebration, cake is an essential item for a birthday celebration. It is like that, without a cake birthday celebration remains incomplete. But almost we all know the procedure of making a birthday cake that are suitable for humans but what about the felines? If you are celebrating the birthday of your pet cat, you should make a cake that they can eat with pleasure. So here’s a mind blowing recipe to make a cake for your feline this birthday.

How to make Birthday Cake for your Cat 1

Before going to the recipe, we would like to inform you something that is very important. Cats and dogs have a different nutritional needs and taste receptors than us, so when we are making a cake for them, you should keep in mind about all these things. Like when you are making a cake for your cat, remember that they are carnivores and they are unable to taste sweets. So there is no benefit of making a sweet cake. You will have to add some other ingredients to make it tasteful for them.


How to make a Birthday Cake for Cats

Preparation time: 5-7 minutes.

Total Time: 30 minutes.

Here all the ingredients are given in respect of making two small sized cakes.


1. 3 or 4 Can tuna or Salmon.

2. 4 tablespoon shredded cheese.

3. 3 tablespoon flour.

4. 1 egg.


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