10 Reasons behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths

Like cats and dogs, fishes are also very common pets found all over the world. So whatever may be, when you keep pets in your home, it’s your responsibility to care them and maintain them. But the fact is that in various times we face lot of problems. One of the major problems is the sudden death in pets. Similarly in case of fishes, sudden death is very common without any signs and symptoms. We really remain in a great confusion about the real reason behind it. It’s hard to find any medical supervision related to fishes, as we get in case of other common pets. So here we are mentioning some real reasons behind that.

Reasons behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths:

1. New Tank Syndrome: This is one of the major causes behind the sudden death of fishes. When you are using a new aquarium, you should be sure that the aquarium is minimum 2 months old. Otherwise it will not be biologically stable for fishes. So before you put fishes into a new aquarium, you should biologically establish an aquarium. Various bacteria make their home in the aquarium over time and that is very essential to manage the ecosystem of an aquarium. So this is very essential for the fishes to survive.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 1

2. Temperature: Each and every fish have their preferred temperature range. Some prefer warm temperatures while some prefers cool temperature to stay comfortable. So you will have to research about their comfortable temperature. For example, goldfish prefers cooler temperature but angelfish prefers warmer temperatures. So if the temperature is not in the preferred condition, every fish will suffer from a stress.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 2

3. Unexpected Toxins: Often we put our hands and fingers into the aquarium. But do we carefully wash our hands before doing that? No very often we do that actually. But this is very harmful for the aquarium environment. If you are a man, then you shave almost regularly in the morning and put after shave lotion with your hands again if you are a woman, then you use scented lotions, or spray perfumes in our hands. But these substances are really very harmful for the fishes.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 3

4. Diseased Fish: Have you added any new fish in your aquarium in last few days? Do you really notice the new fish for a few couple of days before putting it with other fishes? Yes these are the things we should do seriously. Before bringing a new member in the aquarium, we have to notice them for a few days and be sure that they are disease free. Otherwise the disease can easily spread in other fishes as well. Another thing is that after any fish dies, examine it carefully. There are many diseases that cause sudden death in fish. It may be fungus, worms, and many other things. So examine and look for preferred solution.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 4

5. Extra Chlorine: During the summer time, bacteria in drinking water are a very common factor. For this reason, the water treatment plans use a lot of chlorine or chloramines in the water to make it bacteria free. This excessive chlorine is really harmful for the fishes. If you can smell chlorine in your tap water, then avoid putting that in the aquarium. For that use dechlorinator first and then out your fish in it.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 5

6. Spoiled Foods: Actually fish foods have an expiry life. After a certain period of time, these foods become contaminated with molds and bacteria. So it’s better to maintain the food in fresh condition. Once you open a food packet try to use it within 60 days.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 6

7. Overfeeding: This is probably the major cause of fish deaths in home aquariums. Actually we don’t have any proper idea of feeding our fishes. Fishes don’t have sense of eating quantity, and they will go on eating as much as they can. So you are the one who have to be careful. Feed only once in a day and keep the foods away for the next day.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 7

8. Toxic Chemicals: Have you recently sprayed insecticides in your house? All these insecticides are very
harmful for the fishes. So if you are planning to use insecticide in your home, then the best option is to seal the top of the aquarium so that no particle of that insecticide enters in the aquarium.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 8

9. Poisonous Rocks and Ornaments: Please don’t use cheap rocks and ornaments in the aquarium. These all are very dangerous as well as poisonous. Always buy these things from a trusted fish store. For example Calcitic rocks are very poisonous for aquariums. So before putting any rocks in the aquarium test it nicely.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 9

10. Environmental Factors: Don’t set your aquarium in a place where it gets’s disturbed all the time. Warn everybody that tapping or shaking the aquarium is really very disturbing for the fishes. No one should drop anything in the aquarium. Provide proper protection for the aquarium so that it remains safe.

Reasons Behind the Mysterious Fish Deaths 10

Actual these are the main factors that fishes get disturbed and die. Be careful to keep your aquarium safe from all these above mentioned things. This will keep your fish safe and healthy and frankly speaking you can avoid sudden death of fish.