10 Most Colorful Fresh Water Fishes

Normally when we think of freshwater fishes in our aquarium, orange and white colored fishes come to our mind. But today you are going to know a new thing. There are many freshwater fishes that can brighten up your aquarium. But actually the problem arises that people don’t about these fishes. Ultimately you have come to the right destination where you will get the information about various colorful fishes that really makes your home aquarium colorful and attractive. Really you are going to be amazed by knowing these amazing fishes and might be surprised by finding how beautiful some freshwater fish can be.

10 Most Colorful Fresh Water Fishes

Killifish: This fish is found mainly in Asia, Africa, South and North America and in some parts of Europe. There are very colorful and unique in design and widely popular among the hobbyist around the world. Killifish are for fresh water and comes in red, orange and blue combinations mixed in a unique way.

10 Most Colorful Fresh Water Fish 1

German Blue Ram: German Blue Ram is a very peaceful fresh water fish and very small in size. Yellow and green colors make up the body and blue dots cover up the fins. Some fishes also have a red patch on the belly. All together it is flamboyantly colored.

10 Most Colorful Fresh Water Fish 2

Boeseman’s Rainbow Fish: It is also known as Bosemani Rainbow fish and is endemic to Indonesia near Western New Guinea. It is a very popular freshwater aquarium fish and very popular as a pet. Two colors mainly cover up the body bright red orange and bluish grey. The body also contains narrow dark lines.

10 Most Colorful Fresh Water Fish 3

Peacock Cichlid: This fish is very popular for over 30 years and because of its distinctive characteristics they became very popular. They display dozens of color patterns in their body and have vertical dark stripes along the body. Unlike other cichlids, the peacock cichlid is relatively very peaceful in nature with other fishes.

10 Most Colorful Fresh Water Fish 4

Flower horn Cichlid: It is a semi aggressive cichlid fish normally raised in farms at USA. This fish species has been created by cross breeding different American cichlid species together. The shape of this fish is very distinct and named flower horn because of the various flower shaped spots all over their body. The most popular color of them is red but still other various colors are on demand. Even the price of the fish depends on the color combination. Some rare color combinations can be highly expensive.

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