10 Smart Pet Gadgets You’ve Never Heard Of


Now it’s a very important article for any pet owner those who really love their pet a lot. Better to say it is an article for the animal lovers who spend a lot of time caring a canine or a feline. Actually pets are like a family member to most of us animal lovers. Like other members in the family they also engage themselves in all the family matters.

They always perform their duties towards their owner and try to make them feel that they are always beside the family.

But the fact is we also have some responsibilities as well as duties towards them. The main responsibility lies on caring them. You should note that caring has become a lot easier nowadays as the advent of science has brought a lot of gadgets for the pet owners. Let’s see what are these must have gadgets.

Smart Pet Gadgets You’ve Never Heard Of

Halo Mini: This one is actually an illuminated pet collar for all size pets. The main advantage of using this collar is that if you go out for a walk at night in any dark place the passersby or the drivers can see your pet from a very far distance. It is a Smart dog collar so it gives an added advantage to you. It is equipped with rechargeable batteries which once charged for 2 hours have the power to light the LED up to 75 hours. Isn’t it amazing? The cost of this collar is also in range just only for $ 45.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 1

Petcube: Pet cube is a box like gadget which is equipped with camera and speakers. This is really very useful if you travel a lot and works really well with a GPS system for your pet. From far distance you can talk with your pet and even see what they are doing. If your pet response to your voice you can also hear that. And you can do all these from your Smartphone or tablet. But the only sad part is that you will have to pre order to get this item.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 2

Godoggo Fetch Machine: It is very normal that you get very tired playing with our pet. It is not possible all the time to compete with their energy. So if you are confused with your hyper active dog get this awesome fetch machine home. It runs on battery. It will throw ball and your dog will have to bring it and return the ball into the basket. It also has a sensor that stops throwing ball if your dog is near the machine.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 3

Whistle: Whistle is actually an activity monitor which helps you to track its walk, play and rest. It will give you alert if it detects any change in the behavior of the pet. It is Bluetooth and Wifi enabled to sync all the data to your smart phone. Now you don’t have to run behind your cat or dog to notice its activity. The most interesting thing is that you can get it in just $99.95.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 4

Tagg Pet Tracker: It is an accurate GPS system for your pet that only works in United States. It works with a docking station that also acts as a charger for the collar. It has a virtual fence feature that informs you when your dog is out of the fence area. The battery requires charging once in a month and it is completely water proof. So have such an amazing product in just $99.95.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 5

Fitbark: Fitbark is also an activity tracker for your dog that can be fitted with the collar. This makes your parenting work easier because the activity tracker will give you random updates whenever it detects any change in their behavior. But it’s amazing that you are getting all these things in $99.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 6

Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy: This is a funny playing tool that can keep your pet engaged for a long time. It comes with a 360 degree rotating laser light which will help your dog and cat doing exercise. Place it in a high surface and see the fun your pet is having with the laser dot. There are 16 speed settings and combinations overall. It also costs very low that is only $ 29.99.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 7

Power Pet Automatic Pet Door: This is really an amazing product that will provide you some relaxation. This door reacts to the sensor which is attached to the pet collar and it can detect when your pet wants to enter the home. When it gets back into the home, it automatically locks up. The cost of this useful material is just only $222.54.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 8

Pinto Feed: Pinto feed is an automatic food dispenser which is actually controlled by the app. The device is connected to your home WiFi which helps you to wirelessly dispense food. It is very helpful whenever you are not at home and your pet is alone there. Even it sends you notification about the feeding process of your pet. The cost of this amazing product is just $149.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 9

Go Go Dog Pals: Lastly we are talking about a beautiful toy that both the owner and the pet would enjoy. It is actually a remote controlled device who loves chasing. The outer shell of the toy is very hardy and sturdy to take the attacks of dog. It has a top speed of 22mph with a cost of $229.99.

10 Gadgets for the Pet Loving Owners 10