18 Intelligent and Friendly Pet Parrot Species


Parrot is a very popular bird around the world and also preferred as one of the best pet bird around. Parrots are also called as ‘Talking Bird’ as they are famous for copying the sounds which they listen around them.

Even in some cases they are seen to talk like humans. This beautiful bird is mainly found in the tropical and sub-tropical regions with multi color combinations and sizes also vary with species. There are about 372 species of parrots in earth but only few species are preferred as pet choice.

Parrots are very beautiful, loyal and intelligent as well. So if you are looking for some information about intelligent and friendly pet parrot species, you can scroll down below to get some details in the list.

Intelligent and Friendly Pet Parrot Species

Types of Pet Parrots1

If you are first time bird owner, love birds should be your preference. They are very small in size and safe for children at home. They can be socialized and very quiet in nature.

Fun Facts About Lovebirds

  • After courtship, lovebirds mate for life.
  • A lovebird separated from its flock or mate could exhibit erratic behaviors similar to depression.
  • Separated breeding pairs feed one another when they reunite to rekindle their bond.

Types of Pet Parrots2

A very loyal and playful companion. They can be easily trained and are very good at imitating sounds. Cockatiels are native to arid or semi-arid regions of Australia. However, they only thrive close to bodies of water.

Fun Facts About Cockatiels

  • Cockatiels are nomadic birds that will always move closer to food and water sources.
  • These birds typically come in small flocks or pairs, but you will find hundreds of them flocking close to a water body.
  • Cockatiels are incredibly sociable but become despondent when left alone for extended durations.

Small Parakeets:
Types of Pet Parrots3

Parakeets comes with a long tail and are found in different sizes, variations, color combinations etc. Some variations of parakeets are very noisy and great talkers.

Fun Facts About Parakeets

  • Parakeets can obtain an extensive human speech vocabulary of about 2,000 words.
  • Parakeets are flock birds, so the least you can do for them in captivity is keep them in pairs. Nevertheless, if you give one parakeet all the attention it needs, it can form relationships with you and your family, turning you into its flock.

Types of Pet Parrots4

Parrotlets also falls in the category of small parrot species and have almost all the good characteristics of parrots. They are very playful, smart and curious.

Fun Facts About Parrotlets

  • Also called pocket parrots, parrotlets are the smallest parrot species, growing only up to six inches tall. They are even smaller than the budgies, which grow to 11 inches.
  • Although tiny, parrotlets have the same personality as larger parrot species.
  • While they may be pretty small, they have enormous appetites.
  • Parrotlets are extremely active birds. You can leave them in a cage, but be sure they have enough space to climb, perch, and fly around.
  • They are highly sociable and can learn several words and phrases. However, they are a far quieter species compared to other parrots.

Caique Parrot:
Types of Pet Parrots5

Caiques are very moderate in nature with high energy and activeness. They are very friendly towards their family and owner. The size is medium.

Fun Facts About Caiques

  • Caiques are the athlete-acrobats of the parrot species. They love keeping active, and they have bodies built for climbing.
  • These parrots dance! They have a habit of hopping forward and backward while bobbing their heads.
  • Caique eggs rarely hatch at the same time.

Small Conure Parrot:
Types of Pet Parrots6

They are very curious, intelligent and loud birds. Actually conures are a good choice for experienced bird owners. There are various species of conures found around the world.

Fun Facts About Conures

  • Conures create distinct loud sounds that can be heard from miles away. However, they have limited speech capabilities.
  • Conure screams signal fear or a call for interaction.

Lories and Lorikeets:
Types of Pet Parrots7

It is a very unique member of parrot family. Lories have short tails and lorikeets have long tails. They are relative very quiet but playful and active in nature. The color combinations are very attractive.

Fun Facts About Lories and Lorikeets

  • Members of the Loriini tribe have unique brush-tipped tongues for feeding on soft fruits and nectar. They can extract food from the flowers of about 5,000 plant species.
  • Lories and lorikeets are some of the most spectacularly colorful species of parrots.

Large Parakeets:
Types of Pet Parrots8

Like the small parakeets they also have long tail feathers and they have a great talking ability. Some species are very talkative.

Fun Facts About Parakeets

  • You can determine an adult parakeet’s gender by the color of the waxy flesh covering its upper beak. Blue is male, and brown is female.
  • Parakeets are omnivorous birds that feed on seeds, fruits, nuts, plants, and insects.
  • You’ll find four toes on each foot of a parakeet, making them zygodactyls. Two toes point forward, while the other two backward. This trait helps them grab objects and climb branches.

Pionus Parrot:
Types of Pet Parrots9

They are very less famous as pets because of their looks. But they are very good choice for the beginners. Their nature is quiet and very less aggressive.

Fun Facts About Pionus Parrots

  • Pionus parrots are quieter than most parrot species and have reserved natures.
  • Unlike many parrot breeds, Pionus parrots are not particularly energetic birds and don’t enjoy active playtime.
  • Pionus parrots require attention. Once they have enough of it, you will notice their devotion.

Types of Pet Parrots10

A very entertaining and playful member of the parrot family. Some are very good talkers and are intelligent. They have a great sense of humor.

Fun Facts About Poicephalus

  • Its name, Poicephalus, means its head has many colors. These colors vary depending on gender, variety, and age.
  • That said, you won’t find the color blue on a Poicephalus.
  • Poicephalus parrots are quite territorial, so mixing them with other parrot species is not a good idea.

African Grey Parrot:
Types of Pet Parrots12

They are the most popular pet parrots in the whole planet. They are relatively less noisy but very talkative. They can imitate any type of voice and sounds and highly intelligent.

Fun Facts About the African Grey Parrot

  • African grey parrots are monogamous, so pairs stick to their nest during the breeding season.
  • Defense mechanisms include biting and fluffing up feathers to appear larger.
  • African grey parrots are some of the most clever mimics.
  • They have an extra-long lifespan and can sometimes outlive their owners.

Amazon Parrots:
Types of Pet Parrots13

This species is very independent and will keep you entertained all the time. They can talk and sing both with a great vocal ability. They are very easy to train so good for the first time bird owners.

Fun Facts About Amazon Parrots

  • Amazon parrots adapt well to captivity, and they have been extensively traded in the pet industry. Between 1981 to 1985 alone, more than 66,000 specimens were sold worldwide.
  • Sometimes considered crop pests, Amazon parrots love crops such as cocoa.

Small Cockatoo:
Bird Park ("Vogelpark Walsrode") Germany

Cockatoo are normally found in white and black variations and are very loud in nature. At times they will just irritate you by screaming loudly. They are cuddly, loving and very prone to behavioral problems. You should be quiet experienced before going with them.

Fun Facts About Cockatoos

  • Cockatoos are strong-willed birds with exuberant personalities. As such, a cockatoo is the best bird you can have if you want a pet that loves attention.
  • Cockatoos thrive on the companionship of their human owners and despise solitary moments.

Large Conures:
Types of Pet Parrots15

This is a very funny species of parrot and stays active all the time. Large Conures are great for experienced bird owners and may be very tough to handle.

Fun Fact About Conures

  • You can easily recognize these parrots by their slender build and long pointed tails.

Active Eclectus Parrot:
Types of Pet Parrots16

Eclectus parrots are normally very active and intelligent as a pet. They are very good imitators and can even learn a whole song.

Fun Facts About Eclectus Parrots

  • Until the early 1900s, male and female Eclectus parrots were considered different bird species due to their highly variegated color attributes.
  • Dominant breeding pairs sometimes have helpers, usually an adolescent offspring or an unpaired adult.
  • Eclectus parrots are excellent human speech mimics, and they produce a variety of tones, whistles, coos, and laughs.

Hawk-Headed ParrotsTypes of Pet Parrots17

This is also a very unique species like Caique. They need an experienced owner to be handled. They can be good talkers with a good vocabulary skill.

Fun Facts About Hawk-Headed Parrots

  • The head and neck feathers of hawk-headed parrots flare up when they get angry or become alarmed.
  • You will seldom find hawk-headed parrots in the pet trade because they are usually more solitary than other parrots.

Macaw Parrots:
Types of Pet Parrots18

Macaw is the largest of the pet birds and may live 50 years on an average. They can scream very loud and very large in size as a pet. They can even learn various tricks.

Fun Facts About Macaws

  • Like lovebirds, macaws mate for life.
  • Macaws are at the top of the list of the world’s most brilliantly colored and colorful birds.
  • Of all the parrot species, macaws are the largest.
  • Like the African grey parrot, a macaw can live for many years.

Large Cockatoos:
Types of Pet Parrots19

Cockatoos are very loud and noisy birds. They always prefer cuddling with their owner all the time. They are also very demanding towards the owner.

Fun Facts About Cockatoos

  • Of all the parrot species, cockatoos have the most distinctive beaks. Their beaks can deliver a strong bite force of 350 PSI, capable of tearing through human flesh.
  • Cockatoos are dimorphic. Their gender is easily identifiable through the colors of the rings around their eyes.

Are Parrots Wonderful Pets?

Given proper care and enough attention, parrots can be worthwhile pets. They have an inherent desire to socialize with people, especially if they are from an intelligent and friendly pet parrot species.

Most of these parrots are extraordinarily affectionate and crave physical interactions with people they trust. Once you have a pet parrot, be sure to maintain a relationship with them, as their temperament could change with inadequate attention.

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