10 Best and Popular Horse Breeds List in Any Way

If you never knew much about horses but you have a love for them, it’s very normal that you will not have too much idea about them. So if you are now looking forward to bring a horse as a pet in your home, you will have to learn something about them. But the thing is that, before buying a horse, first of all, you will have to make the best and popular horse breeds list and then you will have to decide that which one is suitable for you. So obviously, you will need some suggestions. Like every time, we are here to guide you about 10 best and popular horse breeds in the world and your job is to know about them and finally decide the one suitable for you.

Best and Popular Horse Breeds List:

Quarter Horse: This is one of the most versatile breed of horse that can perform various things. It is quiet responsive as a riding horse and also they can adjust themselves with different temperaments. They can do anything and are great for horse shows. Overall, they are very well behaved. They love respect from the owner and also the love for them.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 1

Missouri Fox Trotter: It was actually developed in the Ozark Mountains in the early 1800s. This breed has a great name for their ability to give smooth and comfortable ride. This breed is a mix between Arabian horses, Morgan horses, Tennessee walking horses and other breed from the neighboring areas.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 2

Andalusian Horse: An ancient breed that is mentioned in various paintings even 20000 years ago. This breed is very agile in nature and has lots of physical capabilities. They are the best choice for dressage competitions and so are highly responsive to training. Most of the andalusian horse are grey in color and sometimes they are found in other colors.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 3

Tennessee Walking Horse: This breed originated from America in the 19th century and the breed got developed after that. The breed is unique for its styling of walking, which is known as ‘running walk’. It is both fast and smooth. So you will enjoy a ride on this horse. They are also seen in various competitions but actually, they are most preferred by the pleasure riders.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 4

Morgan Horse: Morgan horses can be traced back from the 18th century, when a horse named Figure lived with the owner named Justin Morgan. This horse breed is a mix of Arabian and Thoroughbred Horses. Morgan horses are full of strength and their endurance level is also very high. So you will be getting a mix trait from this breed.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 5

Appaloosa Horse: This horse breed is very well known throughout the American History. They are closely tied with the Nez Perce tribes of Native Americans. But this horse breed was actually imported from Mexico. So you can have an idea how popular they were in the 18th century. Actually, it has been known that the Nez Perce tribe was excellent horse breeders.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 6

Thoroughbred Horse: Though the word Thoroughbred is sometimes used for the purebred but actually, it is a specific horse breed that is unknown to many people. They are very popular in the world of horseracing and are referred as athletic animals. They have a great speed and stamina, which makes them popular in the world of equestrian sports.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 7

Miniature Horse: Yeah! This one is really something different in the list. If you are really interested about horses, you probably know about them. Actually, Miniature horses are there from hundreds of years ago. Though this horse breeds in the United States very recently but soon they grew a great popularity. It was around 1930, when miniature horses came into America they were used in the coalmines for various purposes. But they are really unique.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 8

Paint Horse: This paint horse is really known for their coloring and spots. The coloring and the markings all over the body depends on breed specific. They are regarded as great horses with awesome intelligence and beautiful personalities.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 9

Quarter Horse: Quarter Horse are very muscular in nature and they are regarded as great working horses. Even Quarter Horses have their good name in horse racing with a great speed. Actually, it is the most popular horse breed in America as per the registered statistics. There are more than 5 million Quarter Horses there in United States as a whole.

10 Best Horse Breeds List 10

Deciding the right breed for you completely depends on your choice and so it’s the time you will have finalize the breed that you can keep as your pet. Frankly, saying, Horse is a very beautiful animal and humans are always fascinated to them. Horses do have a soft corner for the humans and they also share a great bonding. Just think for some time and consider the matters that are very important to you. It will be easier for you decide the horse breed you want to keep as your pet.

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