10 Long Haired Cat Breeds

Cats always look royal in long hairs. Although this choice varies among humans but still it is seen that long haired cat breeds are more popular than the short haired. Long Haired breeds are silky and soft. But one of the disadvantages of long haired cat breed is its regular grooming. It requires daily attention and keeping them neat and clean. The long haired cats will also shed their furs which will result in floating of furs all over the house. That is not at all good for humans. But still having all these above disadvantages long haired cat breeds are mostly popular as pets. So if you are willing to have a long haired cat as your pet then quickly remove all the confusions and choose the best breed from the below list of best long haired cat breeds.

Long Haired Cat Breeds:

1. Birman: The Birman cats are medium-long coated cat usually white and cream in the body. They have some color point markings whole over their body like a Siamese cat. Some People think that Birman Cats are the long haired version of Burmese cats but it is a myth. These two cats can never be related.

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2. Turkish Van: This beautiful long haired cat is mainly originated from the shores of Lake Van in Turkey. They are very large in size having very attractive looks and warm personality. They are great water lover and want to spend most of their time in water. They can be easily spotted from a big group of other cats.

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3. Siberian Cats: They are also known as Siberian Forest Cats which are originated from Russia. They have a very long coat which helps them to adjust in the cold weather of Siberian regions. It needs a lot of grooming as the long hairs grow into three layers. If you have allergy then this is an obvious pick for you.

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4. Norwegian Forest Cat: This breed of cat grows very large with a longhair coat. Norwegian forest Cats are good hunters and love to stay outdoors. They are mainly very calm in nature and very intelligent. Sometimes they are also spotted very playful. But remember they are too weight pickers. If you are looking for small dog then don’t go with this.

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5. Ragdoll: One of the most popular domestic cat breeds in the world. They are very famous for their affectionate nature and beautiful hair coats. They are very lazy type in nature and always love to rest on the lap of their owners. That’s why they are known as Rag dolls.

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6. Maine Coon: It is one of the oldest known cat breeds in the world. It is originated from the Maine in America’s New England region. They are very independent cats and large in size. If you have another pet at your home then this will be a great choice because they are very friendly with dogs and other various animals. And if related to other long haired cats this one is quirt easier to groom.

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7. Balinese: Balinese cats are mostly similar to the Siamese cats. Even the color combinations also the same of these two cats. But Siamese are short haired and Balinese is long hired cat breed. They have a long tail and silky single layered fur coating all over their body. The grooming process of this cat is relatively easier than many other long haired cats.

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8. Persian: It is the most popular cat breed of UK. This cat has a long, silky coat of hair and squashed face. They suffer from a lot of health issues due to their squashed face. It is also the most popular pedigree cat breed all over the world. If you are choosing this breed then you should go with a doll face Persian which will relatively suffer less from health issues.

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9. British Longhair: This breed originates from Great Britain from crossbreeding of various other popular long haired breeds. They are also known as Highlanders. British Longhair is a medium sized cat with a fair build. They are good for small homes and apartments.

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10. Turkish Angora: It is also one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. They are long legged and very elegant, graceful in nature. They can be found in various color combinations. It is said that most of the modern popular long haired cat breeds are originated from the crossbreeding with this Turkish Angora Cats.

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