20 Difference between Basset Hound and Beagle

We all know that the world of dog is so big and every breed is somehow different from the other breed. So talking about the Hounds, Basset Hound and Beagle, both of them belong to the Hound family and these two have some similarities for sure. But in today’s article, we will be lime lighting on the basic differences they have between them. We will be trying to understand that up to how many degrees and in which ways do they differ from each other. So if you are a dog lover and love to explore these interesting things then without wasting time let us see the difference between Basset Hound and Beagle.

Difference between Basset Hound and Beagle:

1. Country of Origin: Oh this should be the first point of discussion. They originated in different countries, though the continent is same. Beagle belongs to England, where as Basset Hound is originally from France.

2. Popularity: Beagles are more popular than the Basset Hounds.

3. Body length and Waist: The Bassets have a longer body than the Beagles and the waist is narrower in the case of Beagles. Basset Hounds have a wide waistline.

4. Weight: Male Beagles weigh up to 22-24 lbs and their female counterpart weighs up to 20-22 lbs. In contrary, Basset Hounds are much heavier. The males can weigh up to 51 – 64 lbs and females weigh as much as 44-60 lbs.

5. Ear Type and Shape: Beagles have folded and cute ears whereas Basset Hounds have long droopy ears. The former has medium sized ears and the later has lozenge ears.

6. Wrinkles and Folds: This is one of the most prominent appearance difference in both of them. Beagles don’t have wrinkled and folded coat but the Basset Hound’s coat is all wrinkled and folded.

7. Legs: Beagles have medium length legs whereas Bassets have very short legs.

8. Dewlaps: Beagles barely have dewlaps on the contrary Basset Hounds have dewlaps.

9. Facial Appearances: One look at the Beagles and they look all happy and cheered up whereas the facial expressions of the Basset Hounds are so sad and poor all the time.

10. Fur: Beagles have more fur than that of The Basset Hounds. The later is more on the athletic side of appearance.

11. Lifespan: To be precise, Beagles are found to live up to 15 years whereas, in the case of Basset Hounds, they can live up to 10-12 years.

12. Buy or Not to Buy: If you are planning to get one puppy for your home then you must know that Beagles are pocket-friendly and easily available but Basset Hounds are expensive and not so easily available.

13. Litter Size: Beagles give birth to approximately 4 to 6 pup whereas Basset Hounds give birth to 6 to 9 pups.

14. Health Regards: Beagle is considered to be a rather healthy breed. Though it has some common health concerns like epilepsy, allergies, eye issues, etc, whereas Basset Hounds are prone to osteochondrosis, Dissecans, Bloat, Elbow Dysplasia and much more. One more important health concern is that Beagles are prone to obesity while Basset Hounds are not. Besides, Beagles shed a lot but The other buddy does not shed much.

15. Active or Lazy: Beagles are seriously energy bundles and they would love to jump and run all the day long whereas Basset Hound is what we may call ‘Couch Potatoes’.

16. Love for Sun: The Beagles love to bask in the sun whereas Basset Hounds are less tolerant to sun ray.

17. Friendliness: If we consider it on a true note then Beagles are more friendly than the Basset Hounds. Beagles are buddy pups and they are dating as well. They also mix with other dog breeds in no time. They are more playful and cheerful. They are more companionable and happy. Remember ‘snoopy’ from ‘Scooby Dooby DO’? On the other hand, Basset Hounds are more laid back. They love to be aloof and not that good with children. They are more carefree and low-key. Their patience level is also high. They are also less playful than the Beagles.

18. Trainability: According to train ability, Beagles are more obedient than the Basset Hounds. The later is more headstrong.

19. Therapy Dog: Beagles are patient and Basset Hounds are more snappy.

20. Guarding Potential: Beagles can be considered as better guard dogs than the Basset Hounds.

We stated about almost all the tangible difference between a basset hound and beagle, one could find. To end with, both of them are popular. Basset was in the spotlight while a Basset Hound named Sherlock was found sitting by while Elvis Presley sang ‘Hound Dog’ on the Steve Allen Show in 1956 and we all know about the popularity of Snoopy, a Beagle from the famous Cartoon Show, ‘Scooby Dooby Do’. So love for both of them.

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