15 Cute and Small Dog Breeds around the World

Dogs are the most common pet all over the world and as a result the demand of various types of dog breeds prevails in the humans. So if you are willing to get on that list the first thing you should do is to choose a suitable dog breed for you. The choices varies among the people as some people are fond of large dog breeds again some are fond of cute and small dog breeds. Actually some people think that large dogs are very ferocious and not yet suitable for a family. But this is an incorrect thinking as some small dog breeds are also very powerful in nature. So if your choice is a small dog which will ramble around your home. So this article is the right place for you. As we have mentioned some cute and small dog breeds around the world that stay small lifelong.

Cute and Small Breeds around the World

1. Pomeranian: It is a very cute and small breed from the Spitz family. They have very short legs and dense double coated hair all over with curly tail. Pomeranian can be found in various colors and very common dog breed. Remember to control them from over eating as they are very quick weight putters. They hardly weigh about 4-7 pounds.

cute and small dog breeds around the world1

2. Papillon: Papillon is a very loyal dog breed. They are very small in size and calm in nature. Actually they can be your perfect watch dog as they are very protective towards the master. And if you are thinking about their company, then you should know that they are the best companion for children and other family members.

cute and small dog breeds around the world2

3. Chihuahua: Chihuahua is probably the smallest dog breed in the world. They look very cute in appearance with big ears and color combinations. They are very famous for their loud bark. But be cautious that some Chihuahuas are really very aggressive and always have a tendency to bite.

cute and small dog breeds around the world3

4. Brussels Griffon: The oddest looking dog in the planet surely but are obviously very cute. There are very smart and cat friendly and gentle in nature. But they are not so good for children as they always love to make a single master.

cute and small dog breeds around the world4

5. Kaninchen Dachshund: This one looks awesome in cute little legs and short hairs. Dachshund is very small in size but sizes vary as they are sometimes seen in slight bigger size. Dachshunds have a cute appearance and are famous for their big hanging ears.

cute and small dog breeds around the world5

6. Shih Tzu: Shih Tzu is a very adorable dog breed originating from Asia. They look very beautiful because of their hair coating. It needs a lot of grooming to keep them good looking. But they are good choice for adults and teens.

cute and small dog breeds around the world6

7. Toy Poodle: It is a very active and sporting dog breed. Coming to the part of nature, they are very obedient, intelligent and well mannered. It’s very easy to train them. They are found in many colors and do well in various types of dog shows.

cute and small dog breeds around the world7

8. Bichon Frise: Bichon Frise is a very cute and playful breed. Their curly hair and white color makes them cute. They are very loving and caring toward their owner and can easily make friendship. They needs a lot of company from the owner.

cute and small dog breeds around the world8