10 Heart Touching Animal Stories

Animals are something special in our planet and they always have a close relationship with human beings. It’s very easy to say that animals are very much close to our heart and that’s the reality. Today, this article you will be reading is dealing with something very different. In common, we talk about the activities, behaviors of animals around us, but like humans, they also have a great role in the nature. Maybe you believe or not, here we will discuss about some heart touching stories that will make you believe that animals and humans are more or less the very close entity who also make something unbelievable in the nature.

Heart Touching Animal Stories:

1. Lily and Maddison: Read this awesome story of the bonding between Great Dane Lily and Maddison who proved that there is no relation in this earth above friendship. It’s all about the company and friendship they maintained for each other. Once again it is proved that animals are no less that humans in case of relationships. Cheer up yourself with their happy life.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 1

2. Jake the Fire Dog: Have you ever heard about a canine member in the Fire Rescue team. Yes, you will be reading it now. It’s a very beautiful story of a dog that was rescued by a fire fighter from a burning shed. Read the story how gradually this canine became the official mascot of the fire department and now of the active members of the crew.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 2

3. Street Cat Bob: A wounded cat recovered from a subway by a musician and after that named as Bob. Bob really changed the life of that street musician named James with a great contribution in his life. So go through the story to know how everything changed with a relation. If the story really touched you, try to grab the book to know in details.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 3

4. Story of Baloo, Leo and Shere: Friendship and bonding can wipe away all the abnormality. Actually, it’s almost impossible for a tiger, lion and a bear to stay together in a same cage and that also with a warm relation. But this trio made it possible. It’s a beautiful story how they made such a beautiful bonding and decided to stay together for the whole life.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 4

5. Roux-the two-legged cat: Nature can be sometimes cruel to some creatures. Theta happened to this cat as she was born with just two legs. The life was really tough for this cat but at this time, a human being came into her life and made everything easier. Life can be turned up at any moment and here’s an awesome example.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 5

6. The Nursing Cat: You have heard of nurses, but have you ever heard of an animal nurse? Don’t worry, as you will have to see a lot of things in this universe. Everything is possible when there is love and care. Rademenesa, the nursing cat, as you can conclude by his activities can really set you back with his story of caring and nursing.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 6

7. The Hippo and Tortoise Tale: Natural calamities that can wash away everything that comes in the way. Yes, it happened with this small hippo, who was washed away by the tsunami by losing everything. Now where he came, he got a new friend a 130 years old tortoise and they both became the best friends forever. Just checkout their level of bonding.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 7

8. A Touching Story: Dogs are always loyal and affectionate towards their owner. We all know about their love for the owner. But here you will be knowing about something more beautiful. From the past 6 years, this dog sleeps beside the grave of his owner every night. It’s an astounding story and will make you think about the possibility.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 8

9. Losing an Ear: This dog can be an inspiration for every cancer patients in the world. This dog has proved that animals can also inspire human beings and if there is a wish, there is a way. It’s really awesome how this dog was detected with cancer and how he survived after a treatment and now, he is completely cancer free.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 9

10. The Savior Monkey: It was a factory explosion, which occurred in China. The most amazing thing here is that a monkey was spotted in the camera saving a puppy from the explosion site. While he was running out from the factory, he carried the puppy with him to save his life. What will you call it? Humanity? No no, probably it’s Animality.

10 Heart Touching Animals Stories 10

Animals are really precious for our planet. Do save them and you will be getting a great return for it. Never neglect these awesome creatures, as they can do things that you can’t think of from them. Anyways, have a good time and keep the animals safe and sound in the earth.