5 Indoor Dog Potty Solutions that will free you from the Leash

For those who have pet dog at home, it is common that they wish if they don’t have to take their dog for a walk. But in some situations, it really becomes very tough to take dogs outside for a walk. In countries where the climate is extremely hot, cold or rainy it’s really a great challenge. But again some pet lovers remain so busy in their work schedules that they hardly get any time to take their puppies for a walk. But we want to tell you that there is nothing to be so upset about that. There is a great solution for you all. Various indoor potties have been introduced with all the features of outside environment. It is really a great option for pet lovers. There are lots of indoor potty variations available but ultimately we are mentioning few of them here. But you should know that these potties are the most useful potties available today in the market for these lovely pets.

Indoor Dog Potty Solutions that will free you from the Leash:

Easy to Clean Dog Potty for Porch or Patio: This potty is really a great solution for the owners with patio. It is a large potty with a size of 2 feet by 4 feet. Ultimately your dog can roam around before relieving themselves. The potty is made of a high quality resin frame surrounded by either natural grass patch or an artificial grass patch that feels a lot like a real grass. It is overall very easy to use and easy to clean. The drainage system is also very unique and provides a great system of cleaning. It also has a drain container and suitable for download from 5 lbs to 20 lbs.

5 Indoor Dog Potty Slolutions that will Free you from the Leash 1

Basic Dog Potty Ideal for Small Apartments: This basic potty is designed for those dogs which are less than 8 pounds. It have a nice plastic body covered from all the sides, the potty comes with a raised sides which actually is very useful for preventing the mess to come outside the potty. The grass in it can easily washed, cleaned and reused. The low entrance on one side of the tray makes it easy for the dogs to come out and get in. And at last it is very helpful because of its light weight that will help you to carry anywhere you want actually. But don’t think it for bigger dogs it’s only suitable for small dogs.

5 Indoor Dog Potty Slolutions that will Free you from the Leash 2

Disposable Doggy Lawn Potty with fresh Grass: Due to several attractive features it is the most beautiful potty in this list. Those who have an allergy of cleaning the potty this is the suitable choice. It comes in cardboard type box that simply you can throw out when a new one is needed. From the view of dogs, it is best who really loves the touch of fresh grass. Dogs are really going to like it for their purpose and it is also serving you a lot. This product is designed in such a way that it absorbs urine and odors automatically. You can hardly use it for two- three weeks and then replace it with a new one. It is actually usable for dogs up to 25 pounds. And you don’t have to worry about the price as actually it is even cheaper than a dog walker. Replace it after every few weeks and enjoy the potty system.

5 Indoor Dog Potty Slolutions that will Free you from the Leash 3

Super Simple and Inexpensive Dog Potty: It is a super simple indoor potty. Basically a plastic made tray that holds the urine mesh with a plastic on top. Once your dog uses the potty, then you will have to pick it up and discard the poop and rinse it well it water for the next use again. It is very durable because it’s made of hard plastic. As it don’t need any grass so it is very cost efficient. It is a suitable option for dogs who chew away the grasses and for the pets with very small size.

5 Indoor Dog Potty Slolutions that will Free you from the Leash 4

Pet Relief System Base Unit: This is great potty with a wonderful mechanism. It has a fully closed chamber with an equipped drain valve system. The product is very easy to carry and very suitable for travelling purpose. The potty is designed in such a way that it removes the entire odor and can be cleaned easily.

5 Indoor Dog Potty Slolutions that will Free you from the Leash 5

So now on you don’t have to be aware of your dog’s bathroom schedule. Try out any of the potties from this list to get the best results. Look which one is the best option for your dog and buy it. If you invest on these potties, definitely you’re going to get back all your investments and will provide you a freedom of time. Go on your job at your time with no other tension in mind. Also keep your pet happy and healthy.