20 Simple Penguin Facts for Kids and Information (Read Before You Pet)

It is rightly said that” It’s practically impossible to look at a penguin and feel angry!”
Yes, it true how can you not look at such a cute, fluffy ball of pure innocence and not be happy? Penguins are one of the most beautiful creatures found on earth. They are mostly found in the southern hemisphere. Also let me tell you a fun secret about them, penguins sometimes push a fellow friend into the water just to check if the area is safe and free of predators or not! They are crazy, isn’t it? Their pretty walk is well known but there are many other fun facts that you may not know about them. So let’s get to know some real Penguin Facts for Kids and Information that will definitely amaze you. Beautiful pictures of animal in the snow makes us so excited that when we see them we can’t resist ourselves to see more and more.

Penguin Facts for Kids and Diet Information

Penguin Facts for Kids and Information

Penguin Facts for Kids and Diet Information


  • Tokyo has a bar where you can have a drink with a penguin standing beside you! How fun is that!
  • Some penguins sleep standing!
  • A Brazilian man in 2011 found a penguin covered in oil and was about to die. He nursed and took care of him and saved it from death since then the penguin swims 8000 kilometers every year just to see him!
  • Penguin egg whites turn transparent when boiled!
  • Elephants have always proved themselves as good friends of humans. So some amazing African elephant facts for kids. Let’s have a look into it and know about the biggest land animal living in this earth.

Penguin Information

Penguin Facts for Kids and Diet Information


  • Fashionista Penguins?: They seem to like wearing a black coat and a white shirt underneath. Well, there is a reason behind it. While they are swimming the black part blends with the dark ocean and the white stomach helps disguise them with the sky and sunlight so that it would be difficult for the predators to see them.
  • A Group of Penguins: Do you know what a group of penguins is called? Well in water they are called “Raft” and on land, they are called “Waddle”.
  • Are They Teeth Less?: Penguins do not have teeth! So how do they eat? Well, instead they have backward facing small and sharp spines in their mouths that help them catch those slippery fishes.
  • Penguins Have an Inbuilt Water Purifier?: No one likes to drink salty water and neither do the penguins. That is why they have a small gland just above their eyes that help them to filter the salt water they drink.
  • Poopy Penguins: Penguins like to breed in large colonies. They like to be in groups because it’s safe for them. But when there are so many (in thousands) there is ought to be so much poop all around! That it stains the ice. And it’s possible for the scientists to locate them from space by seeing stained dark ice.
  • How Large can They Be?: Well the largest penguins are called the Emperor Penguins. They can be up to 4ft tall and weigh 75 pounds. And the smallest ones called the Little Blue Penguins also known as Fairy Penguins are only 16 inches tall and weigh only 2 ½ pounds!
  • Some children have a love for birds and that you will see from their very early age. If you don’t have problem in your home then you can easily gift a Pet bird for kids to your child for his or her next birthday.

  • How are Those Cute Baby Penguins Born?: Mother penguins lay their eggs on the shore. Usually, 1-2 eggs are laid, and most of the times just one is able to hatch. A baby penguin is called a chick.
  • Best Parents Ever: When mother penguins go out to find food, the father takes care of the eggs and when she returns father goes out in search of food. Also, they do not leave their baby till it learns to survive on its own.
  • Bag Pack Penguin: Yes, there is pet penguin in Japan named La La who goes out every day into town with a backpack and collects fish from the local fish market!
  • They can Be Kidnapers to: If a baby of a female Emperor Penguin dies, she can go and kidnap an unrelated chick of some other parent! Well, not a good thing to do!
  • Oh So Friendly, They are: Penguins are sweet friendly animals. Because they aren’t used to any danger from animals on land, they are found to be very friendly to tourists visiting them. So the next time you meet one don’t be scared to pet them.
  • Lifespan: A penguin has the lifespan of about 15 to 20 years depending on the species.
  • They have Proved to Be Loyal Soulmates: Did you know when a penguin finds its partner they mate with the same exact one each season and stay loyal forever. Isn’t Lovely it?
  • How do They Survive in Extreme Cold?: Penguins have a layer of fat known as blubber under their skin which helps keep them warm. Also, they have layers of soft fluffy feathers that help trap the heat. This is why they love to cuddle in large groups so as to keep warm.Galapagos Penguins are comes under the list of animals which can be only Found in their Native Place.
  • What do They Eat?: Penguins are carnivores. They get all their food from the sea. Their diet mostly consists of small fishes, squids, shrimps, krill (also a type of shrimp). Now that you know their favorites do get a fish when you meet them!
  • How do They Hunt?: Well, penguins do all of their hunting in the water. Their prey that is small fishes and shrimps can be found in water, they then catch their prey by diving in. They catch prey in their beaks and swallow them whole as they swim. The emperor penguin which is one the biggest of them all can dive up to 1800ft deep to catch its prey and can stay underwater for over 20 minutes.
  • They Love Tummy Slides: Do you know they often slide or “Toboggan” on their tummies over ice and snow? Well, researchers believe they do this for fun and also for efficient and fast travel. So now if you ever see a penguin sliding down the snow, even you can join them!!
  • Are They Endangered?: Well, the sad truth is yes. There are about 17 penguin species. And the most endangered is New Zealand’s yellow-eyed Penguin. Other species in trouble include the erect-crested penguin also of New Zealand, which has lost approximately 70 percent of its population over the past 20 years, and the Galapagos penguin, which has lost more than 50 percent since the 1970s.
  • Penguins Fast Too: Yes, they go through annual fasting periods and stay without food for a long period of time while taking care of the eggs.

Are Penguins Birds?

Penguin Facts for Kids and Diet Information


They are called flightless birds! Amazing isn’t it? They are birds who can’t fly but swim! They are excellent swimmers and can swim at around four to seven miles per hour, and the fastest penguin, known as ‘Gentoo’ can reach a speed up to 22 mph!

So now you know all about these lovely creatures. That how fast, caring and loving they are. Well by taking about love I can’t help but share with you another sweet act of them.It is very true that from our very childhood we learn that wings are the main part associated with flying but some the Amazing Animals that can fly without Wings.

When a male penguin falls in love with a female he searches for the whole beach to find a perfect pebble to present it to her. And when he finally finds it, he places it in front of her as a gift. Well, it’s kind of a proposal! Isn’t it so cute?

But apart from all Penguin Facts for Kids and Diet Information, we should not forget that they are on a verge of extinction and that we need to save them by making less pollution.