10 Awesome Animal TV shows for kids

Animal shows which are telecasted on the television channels are always loved by the kids. Actually it is not at all good for your child to gaze all the time on TV screen but still some shows are really very informative and children can gather a lot of knowledge from it. Actually you have to look for some educational TV shows. Rather than wasting time on cartoons and movies they should spend their time watching educational programs on TV. Nowadays a lot of TV channels telecast educative animal shows which can teach your children about animal habitats, foods, shelter, lifestyle etc. Television shows always make a great influence on children’s mind. So as a parent know about some of these animal shows that will be ideal for your children.

Awesome Animal TV Shows for Kids:

America’s Cutest Pet: This show is made of pet videos that go viral in America. The commentary from various vets, comedians make this show more entertaining. Also you can catch the show on their animal planet website. It will be great for school children from 1st to 5th standard and slight older.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids1

Too Cute: This is a very popular show on animal planet. And the most amazing feature of this show is that it will entertain humans of all age. You will love to watch the videos of cute animals and soon it will become your favorite. It is one of the most viewed animal shows on Animal Planet.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids2

Planet Earth: Planet earth is a very rich show. It is telecasted on Discovery Channel. It will make the children blow out by its awesome motion photography and HD shots. It may be possible that sometimes your children get thrilled by seeing this show. But you will have to make them understand that this all are our part of nature so nothing to get afraid of. Again some kids really enjoy the show and even they will never miss this show. This show is recommended for children above 6.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids3

Dog Whisperer: Yes the famous Cesar Milan who is loved by millions of people. It is an educational show related to dogs. It will help your kid to learn the techniques of training a dog, their responsibility as a dog owners and even how to understand the dog psychology. It is mainly suggested TV show for elementary School students.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids4

Go Diego Go: This TV show is for Montessori kids or preschool kids. It is an animated informative show. In fact, it will help your kids to identify the animal species by seeing this show. All together it is comes on an average and just a time spending initiative.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids5

Unlikely Animal Friends: It is a good initiative by National Geographic Channel. It is really a heartwarming television show that will make you and of course your kid a fan. You all will repeatedly fall in love with the animals by seeing this show. But remember it is a nature show so sometimes worst thing which happens with these animals are also shown. So be careful with your kid.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids6

Dino Dan: A young boy and his big imaginations is the main objective of this show. He can see dinosaurs on this planet. The show will teach your kid about Dinosaurs and also the scientific methods. Of course this show will provide a handful of knowledge to the viewing kids.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids7

Dogs and Cats 101: This show by animal planet is one of the best informative dog and cat shows. Not only your kid, if you are a dog and cat lover they you can also gather a lot information. Each episode features a single breed and all information about it.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids8

Walking with Dinosaurs: Probably, this show is one of them, which make almost accurate animated portrayal of prehistoric animals lived in this world. The show is created with the help of mesmerizing computer graphics and animatronics effects. According to information the series took about two years to make. Surely your kids will enjoy a real life dinosaur experience.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids9

My Cat from Hell: This is a very funny show indeed. Actually this show focuses on the cats with really very bad behavior. But actually it will teach you and your kid a lot about animal behavior. It’s most suitable for the elementary school students and older than that.

10 AWesome animal shows for your kids10

It is suggested to you always that you should check all the shows first and then decide that will it be suitable for your kids or not. Actually some kids are really very sentimental and the result of seeing some of this show may be very hazardous. As you know your kids the best so judge the shows and then let them watch it.