10 National Parks in the World Must Visit Before you Die

National parks are such nationally conserved parks which are very important to the country because of its ecological, geomorphological and aesthetic values. It conserves the wilderness of a country which can be treated as national pride. Besides, if you consider these parks, scenically they are treats to the eyes. If you have a keen interest in exploring the wilderness, national parks are a must visit for you. There are several rich national parks situated all over the world. Only U.S treasures more than 400 registered national parks. So if you are in love with fresh air and want to spend some time in the lap of Mother Nature then these below listed national parks are surly waiting for you.

National Parks in the World Must Visit Before you Die:

1. Yellowstone National Park, U.S: It is the first established national park in the U.S and also the first to be established in the world. It was established on March 1, 1872. Experience the mysterious volcano and hot springs. Witness the soulful rendition of the nature and explore majestic mountains, forests, meadows and the wild animals like bison, different deer, black bear, etc.


2. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia: Just a few hours journey from Washington D.C and you are at this spectacular national park. The cascading waterfalls will just blow your mind away. If you are eyeing for some good clicks, the park won’t disappoint you. So you can plan your next weekend family trip to this oh so beautiful sight.


3. Port Campbell National Park: When it comes to talk about national parks, Australia has some good parks to offer. Port Campbell is one of them. Coupled with awesome scenery this park combines ocean with large limestone rock formations. You will get to learn much about old shipwrecks. Colorful orchids and peregrine falcons are abundant to greet you there.


4. Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska: Being one of the world’s largest international protected areas, this park offers you glassy glaciers, sprawling rainforest, deep fjords and timeless beauty. Find humpback whales, sea otters while you try some of your kayaking skill there.


5. Komodo, Indonesia: Let us fly to the part of South-East Asia which is home to many incredible national parks. Indonesia’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo is our first pick. It was established mainly to protect the world’s largest lizard, Komodo dragon. Now this park is known for its many floral and faunal diversity being home to whale sharks and many more.


6. Big Bend National Park, Texas: Not much visited by the tourists, this park is one of the perfect places to soke into the cool environment. If you have interest in hiking you can hike to Boquillas Hot Springs. This isolated park offers you coal dark night sky and ancient limestone canyons.


7. Wild Taiga, Finland: This national park of Europe has plenty untouched wildlife. Brown bear, wolves, flying squirrels are abundant. You can view and photograph them as well. A complete home of rich landscape, adventures and wilderness, Wild Taiga is a sure escape to nature.


8. Khao Yai National Park, Thailand: Again a pick from South –East Asia. This park encompasses grassland and evergreen forest with abundant wild elephants, gibbon and Asian black bear. Heo Narok is an 80 meters tall waterfall. In adventures, you can try kayaking, rafting or hiking whatever you like to.


9. Masai Mara National park, Kenya: It is Africa’s top safari destination and considered as the greatest game park on the earth. It is characterized by sprawling savannah forest coupled with wild animals. Millions of wild beasts like zebra, lions, leopards and 440 bird species are native to this park. Another attraction is the Masai tribe in bright red robes. They coexist there with the wildlife.


10. Zion National Park, Utah: Our last pick is again from U.S. Zion is the first national park of Utah. You will be amazed when you see the giant sandstone cliffs in vibrant orange, red or pink shade and that also on the bright blue background of sky. Get absorbed by the rich history and enjoy the huge wildlife treasure it has. In the flora group Utah Daisy is a must mention and such beautiful to look at.


You just have to choose which park suits your mindset and your personality. If you want to relax with your family choose some parks with soothing natural scenic beauty but if you are adventure freak then go for those parks which have amazing hiking or kayaking facilities. Affordability is also one major concern. If you choose to visit a national park this time it will save lot of money as a day pass to visit any national park is only around $20. So pack your bag and escape into the greenery and wilderness.