10 Dogs Breeds for People with Allergies and Asthma

Are you very prone to allergies and asthma? But you love dogs the most? Yes never think that poodle is the only option for you. There are also other dog breeds that can be a good choice of yours. You should know that dogs are dangerous for allergies not because of their fur but ‘Dander’ which is found in their skin, saliva and urine. But some dog breeds are there which produce very small amount of dander. Again if you are allergic to a certain breed of dog doesn’t mean that you will get allergy from all dog breeds. You should go for the dog reeds which produces very less dander. So we have made a list of 20 such dogs for your suitable choice.

Dogs Breeds for People with Allergies and Asthma

1. Shih Tzu: Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed originated from China. In China it is also known as ‘Chinese Lion Dog’. The size of this dog is very small and weight is very low. But the main fact of this breed is that they should be kept in cool temperature always. Shih Tzu is extremely sensitive to heat. The long coat of Shih Tzu needs a regular maintenance and brushing.

Dogs for people with allergies and asthma1

2. Maltese: It is a dog breed that originated from the Island of Malta. The size of this breed is very small on an average of about 3-7 lbs. Maltese is very playful and active in nature. For the people who love long hair coat can go with this choice as the fur of maltese is very long and thick in nature. Long fur needs to be groomed as always.

Dogs for people with allergies and asthma2

3. Kerry Blue Terrier: A certain type of terrier dog that is medium sized and ranges from 30-40 lbs. The color of this breed is mainly blue. In ancient times they were used for herding, guarding and hunting in farmlands. They were said to be originated from Ireland.

Dogs for people with allergies and asthma3

4. Bichon Frise: This French dog is a toy breed with a very small size average from 7-12 lbs. The color is always white and curly fur all over their body. The main feature of this breed is they are very playful and cute in nature. Bichon Frise suffers from a lot of skin diseases, so that should be kept neat and clean always.

Dogs for people with allergies and asthma4

5. Coton De Tulear: It is a toy breed from Tulear, Madagascar. It has a medium sized coat all over the body. They are too affectionate with humans and maintain a friendly relation with other dog breeds at home. They do a little shedding but still needs daily grooming to keep them neat and clean.

Dogs for people with allergies and asthma5

6. Havanese: This is a Bichon type breed mainly originated from Cuba. This is a very gentle dog with fantastic attitude. They can be found in different colors and patterns. They are too intelligent which helps the owner to train them very easily.

Dogs for people with allergies and asthma6

7. Bedlington Terrier: You will get confused by this dog at a first sight. They look almost like a lamb than a dog. They are natives of UK. They are found in various colors and the size is about 18-23 lbs. Loyalty and smartness makes them one of the most fascinated breed. But you should know that this breed is quiet aggressive in nature.

Dogs for people with allergies and asthma7

8. Puli: This is a Hungarian breed that is very smart and slight aggressive in nature. This need breed needs a lot of maintenance to keep them looking great. They are very active in nature and can also be used for herding activities. If you can train them they will serve as guard dog.

Dogs for people with allergies and asthma8

9. Polish Lowland Sheepdog: It is a medium sized polish dog very cute in nature. They are very active in nature and like to engage them in everything. They are very playful and good guard dogs. They shed a little amount of hair daily which is almost like we do.

Dogs for people with allergies and asthma9

10. Irish water Spaniel: They are also popularly known as ‘Rat Tail Spaniel”. The breed has a tight curly coat which is very good choice for people with allergies and asthmatic diseases. They are big in size and active in nature. If you have other children and animals then this is the best breed option for you.


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