Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds

Dogs are or hot favorite and there is nothing to hide about that. May be some people can’t live without their pets, but there are some negative factors that we don’t think about. As the other creations of nature that are normal, it is also normal that dogs are stinky. There is nothing we can do about that and we have to accept it. But the thing we can do is that know about the breeds those who are the most stinky. If you are very sensitive of smell, you should obviously avoid these dog breeds. But remember all breeds of dogs are not the most stinky in nature. So before bringing a pet dog at your home, you should have an idea about the most stinkiest dog breeds around the world.

Top Stinkiest Dog Breeds:

1. St. Bernard: This is a dog with lots of smell in their body. They have multiplied the word stinky. Their skin is responsible for this bad odor. If this dog us not bathed properly, they will release a lot of bad smell form their body.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 1

2. English bulldog: Their body smell is enough for making an adult man cry. They genetically have some skin problems and that is the real cause of smell. But this dog breed is too cute in nature and that’s the cause people choose them as their pets. Remember this is not the dog you will be wanting in your bed.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 2

3. Bloodhounds: Bloodhounds are very intelligent with amazing big ears. That is the main problem in them. Their ears need a regular cleaning or otherwise it will be the place for releasing foul smell. Take care of their ears and clean them regularly to avoid the smell.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 3

4. Boxers: If you think as a whole, they are not the dog with a real bad smell but there is a complete different factor that sometimes causes smell in them. But it is mostly in your hand. They don’t have any skin disorder or deep folds in their body that causes smell, but do have a gastric problem in them. So the only way is to keep them on a perfect diet so that you keep their stomach in a good condition.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 4

5. Beagle: Perhaps the cutest dog breeds in the list till now. Beagles are very small in size and have inborn cute characters. But this dog is responsible for releasing a very stinky smell from their body. There are no such reasons discovered for this release. But one can easily identify that you have Beagle at home with a smell in your home.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 5

6. Shar Pei: Have you ever heard of this dog breed? Actually they are not so popular around the world this dog comes with a lots of folds in their body. They do have some skin issues and so you will have to keep them clean and healthy at all time.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 6

7. Yorkie: This dog breed has a long coat and needs a lot of work to be done to keep them smelling nice. They are genetically very prone to teeth diseases. Also the long hair coat all over their body causes a pungent smell.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 7

8. Cocker Spaniel: Cocker Spaniel is a very cute dog with sweet natures. But the most amazing part of them is they smell like a dog. Now it is up to you how you will understand the matter. Now how you think a dog may smell like and they do smell like that.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 8

9. Pugs: Looking at them it is impossible to understand that pugs are really stinky. But the innumerable folds over their skin make the smell very bad. Remember they are also very prone to skin infections. So they needs to be cleaned in a regular basis and is to be well groomed.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 9

10. Basset Hound: Basset hound is a very adorable dog but they are very prone to gas problems. And the main problem is that you can’t bath a basset hound regularly as it will dry out their skin. Instead look for a different dog.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 10

11. Maltipoo: this dog breed also suffers from a lot of ear problem due to the long ears. Their ears remain covered all the time and that’s the reason it is the best place for mites. So try to keep their ears neat and clean every time.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 11

12. Lhasa Apso: And you know about this long coat dogs. Normally, they don’t have a very bad smell but actually they are not cleaned well they will release a real bad smell from all over their body.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 12

13. Irish setter: While it is not a breed that generally smells bad but do smell bad if not cared well. They are very prone to ear mites and very nasty infections. Sometimes even the first sign of an infection is the smell coming from it.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 13

14. Newfoundland: They are very gorgeous dogs. But the fact is that they really have a drooling problem. This is not a problem in general but can become a problem if you don’t care the drooling habit. Clean up the drool regularly and you can save them from smell issues.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 14

15. Mastiffs: Mastiffs are morely like the St. Bernard and are large and furry. They also have a habit of drooling all the time and that sticks all over their body. As a result, bad smell is caused. It is better to clean their body regularly to avoid the smell.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 15

16. Chihuahua: Better to say that this is a small dog with a small mouth and a lot of teeth. This is the reason they suffer from various dental problems. They are very prone to tooth decay and that normally causes foul smell.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 16

17. Poodles: Poodles are also prone to tooth decays. As a whole they are not the dogs that smell bad all the time, but can smell bad when dental diseases occur.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 17

18. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Just like other small dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels mix breeds also have the same dental problems. When you smell a bad breath in them, immediately take them to a Vet as surely they are suffering from any tooth related problem.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 18

19. Pekingese: Pekingese is also a small dog breed with a lot of teeth. When this occurs they will obviously have some teeth related problems. Adequate veterinary care and healthy diet will prevent them from bad smell.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 19

20. Maltese: Maltese is famous for its stinky smell. They are known suffering from oral health issues that really needs attention. They really needs frequent grooming on a regular basis.

Top 20 Stinkiest Dog Breeds 20

Now it’s up to you which dog breed you will bring at your home. All these dogs here stinky and so you may or may not choose other various breeds. But overall if you can do something for the smell and take care of them, these breeds are also too good in nature.

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