23 Strongest Breed Of Dogs in the World

Bully Kutta: The Bully Kutta or Pakistani Mastiff is said to be originated from the Sind and Punjab areas of present day Pakistan. It is also found in India. There are mainly used as guard dogs. The word of the name Bully is derived from English word ‘Bull’ in resemblance to Bulldog and ‘Kutta’ means dog in Urdu or Hindi. They are very smart dogs and if trained properly will perform their work brilliantly. Bully Kutta is mainly Docile in nature. They are very loyal, protective, and friendly with family and owner. The temperament ranges in variety.

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Tosa Dog: It is a very rare Japanese dog breed. It mainly originated from Tosa Province of Japan. The size of Tosa generally varies but the appearance is very steady and strong. They are very powerful and large dog breed and mainly ferocious. Amazingly this dog breed is restricted in some parts of UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Even some insurance companies will not insure a home with Tosa dog.

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Bandog: Bandog is a very ancient dog breed said to have originated around 1250-1300 A.D in Middle England. In ancient days they were trapped and bound by chain in daytime and in night they were released to for guarding against intruders. It is mastiff type dog with heavy body, large and stubborn.

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Leonberger: A giant dog breed originated from the city of Leonberg in Germany. This dog breed is said to mimic the lions. It is a mountain dog with double coated all over the body. They are very muscular, large and elegant dogs. The nature is temperament and loves to give dramatic presence. They are very famous for their intelligence and kindliness. If they are trained in a proper manner they become very loyal, vigilant and confident in all situations. This breed has the capability to be good working dog and rescue dog.

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Fila Brasileiro: This dog breed is also very popularly known as Brazilian Mastiff. They have originated from Brazil and falls in the working dog category. They are very famous for their tracking ability, aggressiveness and confidence. They have smooth and short fur coat all over their body. This breed is very protective and behaves in a calm manner in public. But they may become very aggressive and needs to be well trained. If you have frequent visitors at your home then this breed is not at all suitable for you.

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Karakachan: Karakachan is a breed that is most popular in the Eastern Europe and they don’t have that wide popularity all over the world. They are used since a long time patroling the borders, guarding the livestock and herding cattle. Karakachan is known widely for its speed and power but they are very friendly and social dog breed in normal.


Landseer: You will find this dog in black and white which actually originated in the Newfoundland. This breed has been included in the list because of their massive strength and fast actions. Actually, Landseer is slowly growing its popularity all over the world and is known widely for its canine lifeguard abilities.


Estrela Mountain Dog: From its name, you can easily assume the originating place of this dog breed, the Estrela Mountain of Portugal. This large and furry dog breed is known to be very brave and of strong nature. Just give them a territory, and they will do everything to guard that from the intruders and that’s the reason they are regarded as one of the strongest dog breeds in the world.


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