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23 Most Strongest Animal Bites In The World In Terms Of PSI

When an animal bites it is going to be scary as hell and very painful. But did you know that the pain you feel has a new measuring unit? It is called the PSI – the full form being Pound Per Square Inch. It is basically the pressure that will occur when a single force is put on one square inch of area. The other measure for this is the BFQ which is Bite Force Quotient. This way of measuring differs from the PSI as it also accounts for the size of the body of the animal that bites. Just for your reference an average grownup male would have a PSI of 150.

Here is a list of animal bites along with their PSI in reverse order:

Leopard with a PSI of 300-310: Leopard is one of the 5 big cats in the genus Panthera. they are found in the parts of Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. Leopards are vulnerable according to the record of IUCN red list as beacuse their population is decreasing day by day.


Tiger Shark with a PSI of 325: The tiger shark or commonly known as Sea Tiger, is mainly found in the tropical or temperate waters and are called as macropredators. The tiger shark is considered as near threatened species due to finning and fishing by humans.


African Wild Dog with a PSI of 340: It is a wild dog found in Sub-Saharan Africa and is also known as African Painted Dog. They are regraded as hunting dogs. But the African Wild Dog is a highly social animal.


Cougar with a PSI of 350: This animal with long canine teeth and jaws that are strengthened by muscles is empowered by nature to cut through tendon, meat and sinew. Their jaws can crush the spine and skull of even prey that is larger.


Gray Wolf with a PSI of 406: They have teeth that is large and heavy and they are suited for crushing of bones than other canines. Though not as good as hyenas they can open and crush bones with only a few efforts.

Mastiff with a PSI of 556:  This dog has a highest biting force when it comes to the force of biting. The Rottweiler is at a 328, the German Shepherd at 238 and the American Pitbull with 235

Great White Shark with a PSI of 669: The sharks lead in the fish class as the animals with the strongest bite. The great whites don’t have such a high PSI as their sharp teeth does all the work by smoothly cutting through their prey.

African Lion with a PSI of 691: Though the lion has the weakest bite among the other bigger cats, the sharper teeth helps in strangulating the prey. This causes Hypoxia and kills them.

Jaguar with a PSI of 2000: The teeth of a jaguar can simply pierce the skull and the brain which means they can get through the shell of a turtle too. They rank as having the strongest bite in the cat family.

Brown Bear with a PSI of 850: Bears are omnivorous and possess really strong teeth with incisors that are bigger and the canine teeth huge. They have adapted to the vegetarian diet too.

Kodiak Bear with a PSI of 930: Bears are omnivorous and possess really strong teeth with incisors that are bigger and the canine teeth huge. They have adapted to the vegetarian diet too.


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